Claber Dual Select Irrigation Timers (two outlets)

Claber Dual Select Irrigation Timers (two outlets)

Similarly to the Claber Duplo timer, the Claber Dual Select timer features two outlets that can be used to water two separate irrigation zones. Once connected up to a tap splitter, each line can be programmed with incredible ease; simply select the line that you wish to programme, then select the chosen run time using the left hand button and the frequency of watering on the right hand button. The run time can be selected from 14 options ranging from 1 to 90 minutes, while the frequency of watering can be selected from 7 options ranging from three times a day all the way to just once per week. Despite their simplicity, there is still a whopping 98 possible programmes to choose from for each line.

The Dual Select timers feature a backlit LCD display that shows the status and details of the irrigation programmes. They can also be connected up easily to a Claber rain sensor, preventing the planned programmes commencing during periods of rain where irrigation is not required.

Dimensions: width 150mm; height 163mm; depth 111mm


Guarantee 3 Years
Inlet Thread ¾" BSP - female
Number of Outlets 2 Outlets
Outlet Thread ¾" BSP - male
Powered By 2 x AA 1.5v batteries
Pressure Rating Max. 10 Bar
Water Flow Max. 42 l/min
Claber Dual Select timer - two outlets
Product Code: CTT0080