Biodegradable PLA Weed Control Landscape Fabric - 158gsm

Biodegradable PLA Weed Control Landscape Fabric - 158gsm

Manufactured from 100% plant based material, this weed control matting is fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly, lasting for between three to five years before fully breaking down depending on the weather conditions.

The aforementioned plant material is PLA (polylactic acid) which is derived from waste starch and sugars produced by the corn industry. This material slowly breaks down over time thanks to bacteria in the soil, temperature and humidity, and simply ends up as composted material. Unlike alternatives constituted from plastic, this weed matting breaks down into natural and environmentally safe constituent elements and does not break down into micro-plastics.

This weed control matting is also extremely air and water permeable (up to 10x greater permeability than woven landscaping fabric) and is totally UV stable so doesn't require covering with mulch or bark.

We recommend they are used alongside our biodegradable landscape fabric pegs, as these pegs will breakdown at the same rate as the fabric, leaving no material in the soil after the three to five year period.


Material PLA
Biodegradable weed control landscape fabric - PLA - 158gsm - 1m x 100m roll
Product Code: LNC4110