Elevate Termination Bars

The Elevate termination bars are a simple solution for fixing rubber pond liner to smooth surfaces such as wood, concrete, or masonry. When installing the termination bar, simply place an uninterrupted bead of Firestone Water Block behind the liner at the level where the bar is being installed. Once the bar is fastened using the appropriate fixing for the substrate (with a maximum of 300mm between each fixing), this Water Block will ensure a full seal between the pond liner and the substrate.

A small bead of Elevate Lap Sealant should then be used to create a water tight seal over each of the holes penetrated through the liner by the chosen fixings.

Dimensions: width 3050mm; height 27.4mm; depth 2.2mm; holes spaced every 50mm
Elevate termination bar - aluminium - 3m
Product Code: PNC6710