ACO HexDrain® BrickSlot Accessories

The corner unit is used for connecting ACO HexDrain® BrickSlot together in up to four different directions and simply clips to the end of each channel. However, when used in conjunction with the sump unit, it provides a neat and accessible way of finishing a length of pipe, an alternative horizontal connection to the 110mm drainage pipe, as well as a trap for silt and debris.
ACO HexDrain® BrickSlot sump unit - black
Product Code: DRA2050
ACO HexDrain® BrickSlot corner unit with black composite grating
Product Code: DRA2040
Dimensions: width 125mm, depth 125mm, height 185mm (approx); with vertical outlet
ACO HexDrain® BrickSlot accessory pack
Product Code: DRA2090
Accessories pack contains: two end caps, a vertical outlet, a leaf guard and instructions