Claber Kiros Hose Reel Kits

Claber Kiros Hose Reel Kits

Modern design and state-of-the-art practicality for this compact hose reel, which can be hung from the wall with the specific brackets or transported wherever you wish, resting it stably on the ground. Offered in a small, easy to transport case, it assembles quickly without tools and is complete with 30 metres of hose, jet spray nozzle, 3/4" tap connector with 1/2" reducer, 4 automatic couplings, one with Aquastop, which allows you to connect and disconnect the spray nozzle without having to shut off the tap.

Simply add a Claber timer and any of the garden sprinklers to create a low cost, temporary automatic irrigation system, ideal if the budget is tight.


Guarantee 2 Years
Length of Hose 30m
Claber Kiros hose reel kit - 30m
Product Code: HSR0005
RRP: £68.67 ex. VAT
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