ACO HexDrain®/RainDrain® Gratings

This range of high quality gratings from ACO offers a broad range of options and finishes to suit any application and an easy upgrade to complement and enhance your landscaping materials and designs. They include traditional antique cast iron and galvanised steel as well as more contemporary finishes such as anthracite painted steel, polished stainless steel as well as the sleek lines of ACO’s wedge wire stainless steel grating.

Easy to fit, each grating simply drops into the standard 1m HexDrain® & RainDrain® units. Simply order the correct driveway pack to suit your application, then select the number of gratings to match the required length.

Please note that the antique cast iron grating is only 500mm long, so you will need to order two items for each 1m HexDrain® unit.

Want to see the drainage insitu? Play around with the ACO Building+Landscaping Visualiser below, or click here. If you find a product that achieves the required aesthetic but cannot find it on our website, please get in touch on 01666 577577 for more information or for a quote.

ACO HexDrain®/RainDrain® grating - antique cast iron - 500mm
Product Code: DRA1280
ACO HexDrain®/RainDrain® mosaic heelguard grating - coated cast iron - 500mm
Product Code: DRA1282
ACO HexDrain®/RainDrain® intercept heelguard grating - coated cast iron - 500mm
Product Code: DRA1284
ACO HexDrain®/RainDrain® grating - galvanised steel - 1m
Product Code: DRA1480
ACO HexDrain®/RainDrain® grating - anthracite steel - 1m
Product Code: DRA1680
ACO HexDrain®/RainDrain® grating - polished stainless steel - 1m
Product Code: DRA1880
ACO HexDrain®/RainDrain® grating - wedge wire stainless steel - 1m
Product Code: DRA3080