Claber Video-2 Irrigation Timers

Use these tap-mounted timers to automatically control any above-ground irrigation system, giving the option to water at night when evaporation is at its lowest and avoid sun scorched plants. Tried and tested, Claber Video-2 timers can run two programs a day and are the most reliable on the market. They are easy to program and will run for a whole season using one Duracell Industrial battery.

We recommend all timers be removed from the tap before winter to protect from the frost.

Dimension: Width 68mm; Height 160mm; Depth 112mm; Weight 368g.


Guarantee 2 Years
Inlet Thread ¾"
Number of Outlets 1 Outlet
Powered By 1 x 9v battery
Pressure Rating 5 bar
Programmes 2 per day
Rain Sensor No
Voltage (input) 9v (PP3 battery)
Water Flow 35 l/min
Claber Video-2 timer
Product Code: CTT0012
Simple to operate with two programs a day; outlet on timer ¾” BSP