Claber Duplo Control Packs (two outlets)

Based around the Claber Duplo timer, these control packs contain all the components for automatic operation for not just one, but two irrigation systems, all from one compact unit. They are ideal if water pressure is limited and two systems are required. By combining two Duplo control packs with a Triple tap pack, four separate systems can be run from one tap, while still leaving a spare outlet for the hose. All components (including Claber irrigation timers) are of trade quality and we even include stainless steel screws and bolts to prevent rust marks damaging painted walls, as well as a Duracell Industrial battery which will run the system for a whole season.

Each Duplo irrigation control pack includes the following components:
A reliable and easy to program Claber Duplo timer (with option for a rain sensor to save water by overriding the programs when it is raining); a professional quality Duracell Industrial battery which will run the timer for a whole season; two loops of hose with hose connectors for a flexible connection between the timer and filter (If connected directly to the tap, the system can still be used manually even when the timer has been removed for the winter); two professional quality control pack filters with 100 micron stainless steel gauze to catch scale or debris in the water; two robust aluminium brackets with bolts, screws and plugs to fix the filters to the wall and to provide a fixed point for pipework at the start of the system.

We recommend all timers be removed from the tap before winter to protect from the frost.


Voltage (input) 9v (PP3 battery)
Claber Duplo control pack - two outlets
Product Code: CTP1060
Two outlets with three programs a day on each, enabling two systems to run from one tap; outlets on timer ½” BSP