The History of WISKA
WISKA was founded in Hamburg in 1919 to develop and produce innovative products for customers worldwide with over 100 years’ experience as a manufacture for shipbuilding, industry and trade. WISKA UK Ltd was established in 2000 and are now the UK's market leader in the manufacturing and supply of Junction Boxes, Cable Glands and Gel/Gel Jointing products.

The WISKA Ethos
WISKA UK Ltd is the UK's market leader in the manufacture and supply of Junction Boxes, Cable Glands and Gel/ Gel Jointing products. Our products are designed, developed and tested extensively, ensuring they meet the highest demands under the toughest of conditions. These tests are conducted by our team of highly skilled Designers and Engineers at our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities in WISKA Germany. These same exacting standards are applied to service at WISKA UK Ltd. With a wealth of product knowledge, we provide quality solutions for your business, project or requirement. WISKA, make power smile.

WISKA's Products and Systems
WISKA are your number 1 supplier of Electrical Junction boxes, Cable glands, Cable protection and Gel/Gel jointing products.

WISKA's Sustainability and Environmental Policies
At WISKA UK Ltd we are working towards all our packaging for all products to be made from recyclable material, minimising the use of non-recyclable products as much as possible. All our cardboard boxes are sustainably sourced, and we only use paper tape to ensure every component can be recycled. We have our own onsite bailer for all surplus cardboard allowing this to be collected and recycled locally. In our office we have a paperless approach and only print if it is really needed. We are constantly looking for new sustainable solutions even down to all company vehicles being either Hybrid or Electric. At our production site in Hamburg a sense of responsibility towards future generations is an important part of our corporate philosophy. The resource-efficient use of materials, a closed cooling circuit in the plastics manufacturing facility, and our solar thermal system for hot water production are just a few examples of our sustainability efforts.
For many years, we have had our quality and environmental management systems checked and certified by DNV.

What Sets WISKA Apart
With a 2nd generation now heavily involved in the business, WISKA continues to move forward with new ideas and processes always with people, product and service in mind. Award winning products and service from WISKA UK.

Our Future
WISKA are continually coming up with new innovative products with many in the pipeline coming soon, including a new never before seen design of cable gland, and innovative connection boxes.