The History of SealEco
SealEco have more than 50 years of experience and knowledge in the world of waterproofing and construction. We specialise in flat roofing systems, building façade systems for both waterproofing and airtightness, and finally geomembrane pond & liner systems. In 2001, we launched our EPDM pond liner known as GreenSeal, which has fast become one of the go-to liners for industry professionals due to its high quality and long-life span.

The SealEco Ethos
We have three core values:

Ethics - We endeavour to be truthful and follow high moral standards in our daily business. As a part of our decision making process, we always consider and strive to limit the impact on the environment.

Relationship - We always try to put ourselves in our customer’s position. We also work closely with our partners and develop them through effective team work, both within and outside our organisation.

Reliability - We deliver quality in everything we do. We take responsibility, have the integrity and the required knowledge and capabilities to deliver the solutions that our customers need.

SealEco’s Products and Systems
EPDM is a ‘greener’ option than the lower grade budget plastic liners, such as PVC, which have a much shorter lifespan and are more harmful to the environment overall. It has the same appearance and quality as butyl rubber, and its versatility allows for single sheet liners up to 1,400m2 to be made, as well as complicated custom 3D box welded liners. It also has a proven 50 years plus lifespan.

SealEco’s Sustainability and Environmental Policies
At SealEco, we are taking active steps towards becoming net zero by looking at our suppliers of raw compounds. We are also exploring the options of sustainably sourced fuel for our factories and introducing electric vehicles for our staff.

What Sets SealEco Apart
Reliability, quality, development and the ability to customise the size and shape of our EDPM liners. The ability to hot bond weld the GreenSeal liners gives installers and landscapers the benefit of larger sheets and custom 3D shapes that can be pre-fabricated from our factory. This means the liners can just drop into most designs with no need for on-site joining, making installation easier and quicker than ever.

Our Future
More of the same is the best answer. We have been supplying premium quality EPDM and Butyl liner to the industry for decades and we remain a market leader.