The History of PLASSON
From humble beginnings in 1964, PLASSON is now an international company with over 1200 highly skilled employees worldwide and wholly owned subsidiaries in Israel, Italy, France, Spain, UK, Germany, Poland, Romania, USA, Brazil, India, Australia and South Africa. The PLASSON Group now operates more than 160 moulding/extrusion machines producing over 8,000 products.

Our commitment to quality, service, fair dealing, and respect for customers' views has not changed since day one, which is the secret of PLASSON's success today.

PLASSON's Products and Systems
PLASSON have one of the widest ranges of water and gas supply pipe fittings in the world, with sizes ranging from 16mm to 1200mm, pressure ratings from 0 bar to 25 bar, accepting the majority of pipe materials, available in both metric and imperial sizes. PLASSON have three core ranges of MDPE fittings:

PLASSON Mechanical Fittings are the market leading solution for connecting water supply PE pipes used across the world for mains water in industrial, mining, farming, and landscaping. As well as mains drinking water supply, PLASSON products can be found under nearly all major golf courses and sports stadiums, such as Wembley, and in many major water features, agricultural and horticultural applications. These UK Water Reg4 approved fittings are manufactured in diameters ranging from 16mm to 160mm and have a 50-year design life at a working pressure of 16 bar.

PLASSON Pushfit Fittings provide an alternative solution to the mechanical range, providing a tamper proof connection to PE and other pipe materials such as copper, PB, PEX. This compact and attractive fitting is ideal for the plumbing market, where space is limited, and appearance is crucial. UK Water Reg4 approved and rated to PN16. Available in sizes 20mm to 63mm.

PLASSON Silverline Fittings are a cost-effective solution often used in horticulture and irrigation, widely found in greenhouse and soft fruit applications. These fittings are available in size 20mm to 63mm to connect to polyethylene water irrigation pipes.

PLASSON valves are used for the isolation of water mains and service pipes, in both above and below ground applications. Available fitting options include Mechanical, Pushfit and Threaded and in the following material ranges: PP, GRP, DZR and Gunmetal. Our valves are UK Water Reg4 approved, 16bar rated and used by UK water utility companies (in excess of 500,000 fitted every year). Valves are available in quarter turn and screw down options. The valve range is complemented by a range of bib taps, stop tap chambers, Meter (boundary) boxes, non-return valves and air release valves.

In addition, PLASSON are also world leader for the supply of Electrosfusion fittings, for water and gas mains. Meter Connection Points (MCP) allow connection from meters to supply pipes and Barrier fittings. These are needed to connect special water supply pipe that is required to be used in contaminated ground.

PLASSON's Sustainability and Environmental Policies
We have held ISO 14001 accreditation for over 8 years and in 2021 we installed solar panels on our warehouse roof, which has halved our energy consumption.

What Sets PLASSON Apart
Here at PLASSON we pride ourselves not only on the quality of our existing fittings but also on our high levels of innovation, enabling expansion of our ranges and providing innovative solutions in the market.

Our Future
PLASSON is driven to continually innovate and be a global leader in providing diverse and high-quality solutions in the Flow Solutions market alongside building long-term partnerships and bringing value to customers, the community, and the environment.