The History of Oase
Oase started as a family run agricultural repair company in 1949 in northern Germany. They invented the cattle operated pasture pump and started to make fountain displays for villages and town centres across Germany. By the mid 1960’s, the Wubker family had started to make smaller fountain and pond pumps for people to use at home. Oase as we know it had been born. In the 1990’s subsidiaries started to open across the world and the product portfolio increased. By the turn of the century, Oase were selling products in every corner of the globe. Through a series of expansions and acquisitions, Oase now manufacture products in 5 countries and have offices in many more. A successful Indoor Aquatics range was introduced with the same ethos of quality and innovation, and throughout all of the growth, the main factory facility and HQ is still at the same site in Horstel in Germany started by the Wubker family over 70 years ago.

The Oase Ethos
Oase “creates the right flow”. Inspiring and International; Innovation and quality have always driven Oase. Before Oase, there were no filtration kits; no pond vacuums and no solids handling filtration pumps. Still hand assembled in Germany, Oase pumps have long gained a reputation for longevity and efficiency. This same quality and reputation is evident across the wide range of products that Oase now makes covering in excess of 3000 SKU’s.

Oase's Products and Systems
Oase are best known for their pumps, readily available from 300 LPH to 165,000 LPH, OASE also offer filtration systems suitable from the tiniest pond to large lakes, offering sizes larger than other suppliers can match. Oase hold several world records for some of the projects we have been involved in. A huge range of pumps, filters and lights are available, and a growing lake management range compliments the ethos of “creating the right flow”. Whatever the size of pond or lake, Oase have a solution.

Oase's Sustainability and Environmental Policies
In everything we do, we make maximum environmental responsibility and sustainability a priority. Our products are adapted perfectly to the biology of the water, run especially energy efficiently and are manufactured in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Oase also promotes and supports natural recycling processes. Along with the climate-neutral printing of our packaging and product catalogues, our German locations have been running exclusively on green energy since 2020. By switching our parcel shipping partner to GLS, the CO2 is also compensated for from our 2020 parcels delivered throughout Germany

What Sets Oase Apart
Innovation and hand-made German quality. If to copy is to flatter then we are often flattered! We never stand still and are always working on new products for the future. A program of continual product improvement and strict manufacturing processes ensure that quality is constantly maintained.

Our Future
As always, new products are being planned with many exciting launches for the coming years. Lowering electrical consumption is always at the forefront of our innovation and it has never been a hotter topic. Everything we do is about building on a successful past and much work is being done on continuing the Oase success story and improving the user experience of Oase products.