The History of Netafim
Netafim began in the Negev Desert in Israel where the need to grow food in an arid environment initiated the development of truly water efficient irrigation. The company was founded in 1965 and developed the world’s first commercial dripper. Since then, Netafim has grown to become a global precision agriculture leader and today is the world’s leading irrigation company with 5,000 employees, 33 subsidiaries working in more than 110 countries and with 19 manufacturing and 2 recycling plants. Netafim forms the Precision Agriculture Group within Orbia, a company employing over 23,000 people across five business groups, all joined in following Orbia’s ethos of Advancing Life Around The World.

The Netafim Ethos
“Grow More With Less” is at the core of Netafim’s ethos. As the most advanced irrigation company, we are able to develop and offer ways in which the planet’s most valuable resource, water, can be used to the absolute optimum to produce food for the world’s rapidly growing population. Our global objective is to achieve a food secure future by developing, deploying and driving the mass adoption of precision irrigation. In the UK, we are much more than a product manufacturer and seller, we are an irrigation solution provider utilising the local expertise and knowledge found within Netafim UK in combination with the global product management and agronomic teams.

Netafim's Products and Systems
As the leading producer of precision irrigation products and services, Netafim is widely recognised as offering the most reliable and water efficient drippers, dripperlines and other micro-irrigation equipment currently available. The portfolio extends into complementary areas such as filtration, digital control and nutrient dosing. All of the advances made in our precision agriculture solution developments are utilised to offer the premium drip and micro-irrigation products to the landscape market. We recognise that the creation and maintenance of high-quality landscape environments brings important social, health and well-being benefits to homeowners, users of public parks & recreation facilities and in outdoor spaces at commercial premises. UniTechline™ is our state of-the art landscape dripline that has become the premium product in the UK market being used by decerning providers of both residential and commercial landscape systems.

Netafim's Sustainability and Environmental Policies
The Orbia Sustainability Report covers our responsibilities to society, people and the planet. Both as a global company, and more locally in the UK, Netafim is committed to sustainability and environmental protection. Employees have sustainability objectives within their individual performance goals. We follow Orbia’s global sustainability programmes, and our local initiatives include areas such the use of recycled cardboard packaging and paper-based packaging tape in our UK warehouse. By implementing the Grow More With Less ethos across the Netafim businesses, we are committed to sustainability and the environment both within our business operations and with the products and services we offer. Netafim was named the 2013 Stockholm Industry Water Award (SIWA) Laurate, and we have a business strategy that directly contributes to delivering eight of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are represented on the CEO Water Mandate Steering Committee within the UN Global Compact.

What Sets Netafim Apart
Netafim UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Netafim. As such, we are a manufacturer with a direct presence in the country. When our customers work with us, they are working with the manufacturer which provides the highest level of security and confidence.

Our Future
With 400 registered and pending patents Netafim has led, and continues to lead, innovation in precision irrigation technology. Our products and services are ever evolving to meet the increasing demands and pressures on those supplying, installing and operating irrigation systems in all sectors including the important UK landscape market.