The History of LuxR
LuxR LED was created after significant investment was made to the R&D department at Hunza with an aim to develop higher output LED solutions, but in a more compact carcass. LuxR LED was specifically developed to meet the challenge of delivering high-quality practical lighting, with maximum energy efficiency and long maintenance-free life. Since then, we have expanded extensively offering a full range of compact modular light figures designed specifically for outdoor installation. These are market leading sustainable products with innovative designs offering efficient performance.

The LuxR Ethos
Our “Yes We Can" ethos reflects our dedication to delivering high-quality, sustainable, outdoor lighting solutions that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. This is something we share with our sister company, Hunza.

LuxR's Products and Systems
LuxR design and manufacture contemporary modular light fixtures that are all IP67 or IP68 rated for outdoor use. The powder coated aluminium range is supplied with five years product warranty while the natural copper and 316 (marine grade) stainless steel fixtures, which are sufficiently robust and designed to withstand coastal and offshore conditions, are covered with ten years product warranty. Our modular design allows for parts to be replaced, repaired and refurbished making them a more sustainable product.

LuxR's Sustainability and Environmental Policies
LuxR light fixtures feature a modular design with fully recyclable components including plug-and-play field replaceability. This dedication to sustainability is a fundamental part of the ethos and is reflected in all our policies and procedures. Our aim is to source as many materials and processors as possible from within a 20-kilometre radius of our manufacturing plant in Auckland, New Zealand. Alongside our sister company Hunza, LuxR introduced an environmentally friendly UV stable, eco-matt, powder coated aluminium finish, which has been developed by Dulux. Our copper products have a natural “living” finish, development a patina that evolves over time. The benefits of this change have resulted in no harmful waste products being created from the manufacturing process.

What Sets LuxR Apart
LuxR’s compact and discreet modular fixtures are designed with sustainable at the forefront and in most cases allows for parts to be refurbished / repaired unlike sealed units. The products are manufactured to withstand climatic and environmental extremes and the field replaceable LED Boards are covered with a five-year LED replacement warranty as standard. Our outdoor lights are carefully machined in New Zealand from the finest materials, such as marine grade stainless steel and solid copper. This commitment to quality ensures our lights are not only aesthetically pleasing but also robust and durable, meaning they will last for a very long time.

Our Future
Like our sister company, we are planning to continue our steady growth by launching new products using the latest LED technology and materials to offer a high-quality sustainable lighting range. In addition to this, we are driven to continue to explore options for further reducing the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes.