The History of LightPro
We are a global player in the field of 12-volt outdoor lighting, having been in the industry for over seventeen years. We do business across the globe, delivering to more than 40 countries. We develop spotlights, free-standing lights, wall lights, recessed lights and decorative lights. You’ll even find dimmable 12-volt outdoor lighting in our collection. And that’s a first, as we’re the only manufacturer in the world to offer this form of outdoor lighting!

The LightPro Ethos
Our mission is to provide people with all types of garden lighting quickly and easily. Low-voltage lighting is safe and easy to install yourself. Are you also looking for the right light at the right time? With our extensive range, you’re never in the dark.

LightPro's Products and Systems
The LightPro system is easy to fit, easy to modify and easily expandable into the future as required. Best of all, the system operates on 12v meaning no electrician is required to fit the system and cable does not need trenching. It is also completely safe for kids and animals alike. Utilising simple water-resistant connectors, you will have the system installed within no time.

LightPro's Sustainability and Environmental Policies
Our light fixtures all feature LED light sources, with extremely low energy consumption and a long service life. This means our products will last for as long as possible, enabling us to confidently offer a 6 year warranty across the range.

What Sets LightPro Apart
We love lighting, but our customers are of course even more important to us. That is why we focus closely on testing our products and offer a 6-year warranty on our range. A few years ago, we even won the 2016 Innovations Medal. Awarded during the GaLaBau fair, Europe’s leading trade fair for gardening & landscaping in Nuremberg (Germany). It has been a while, but we are as proud as ever. And of course, we have not been idle since then. The development of our products continues apace. Not just for your garden today, but also for the future.

Our Future
We will continue to design, develop and manufacture all our products ourselves at our innovation centre located in The Netherlands.