The History of Kasco
Founded in 1968, Kasco Marine specialises in water management solutions, particularly in the field of water aerators and fountains. We are based in Prescott, Wisconsin, USA, and are known for manufacturing and distributing a range of products designed to improve water quality, prevent algae growth, and enhance the aesthetics of ponds, lakes, and other bodies of water. Our products are commonly used in various applications, including commercial, industrial, agricultural, and residential settings.

The Kasco Ethos
Our ethos is to provide superior water quality solutions that; distributors/installers value and prefer, engineers/specifiers rely on as the best and end-users want.

Kasco's Products and Systems
Some of the products and solutions offered by Kasco Marine include:

Aeration Systems - Our aeration systems are designed and manufactured to introduce oxygen into bodies of water. These systems help improve water quality by reducing stagnation, preventing fish kills, and promoting beneficial microbial activity. These systems are often used in ponds, lakes, and wastewater treatment facilities.

Decorative Fountains - Kasco's decorative fountains are designed to enhance the visual appeal of bodies of water, suchas retention ponds, golf course water features, and decorative ponds. These fountains come in various designs and can include lighting options for nighttime displays.

De-Icers - Our de-icers prevent the formation of ice on the surface of ponds and lakes which helps maintain proper oxygen levels in the water, preventing fish kills and winter damage.
Surface Aerators - These are used to agitate and oxygenate the top layer of water in ponds and lakes, improving water quality and reducing algae growth.

Bacteria and Algae Control - Kasco offers products to help control algae and promote beneficial bacteria in water bodies, contributing to improved water quality and clarity.

Kasco's Sustainability and Environmental Policies
Kasco Marine employs scientific principles to craft products that ensure long-term protection of both water and the aquatic life it sustains. We are dedicated to environmental responsibility, offering products and solutions that support water quality, aquatic health, and the reduction of water-related issues like algae blooms and ice damage.

What Sets Kasco Apart
We distinguish ourselves in the industry of water management and environmental solutions through several key factors that set us apart:

Specialisation - We have a strong focus on water management, particularly in the areas of aeration, de-icing, and decorative fountains. Our specialised expertise in these domains allows us to develop highly effective and tailored solutions for a range of water-related challenges.

Innovation - We are known for our commitment to innovation, continually seeking to improve and expand our products and systems, incorporating cutting-edge technologies to address evolving water management needs.

Product Quality - Kasco places a strong emphasis on the quality and durability of our products. Our equipment is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, reducing the need for frequent replacements, and contributing to long-term sustainability.

Customisation - Kasco provides customised solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers. Whether it's selecting the right fountain design or aeration system for a specific water body, we will work closely with clients to ensure the best-fit solution.

Education and Support - We offer educational resources, technical support, and expert advice to help customers and professionals make informed decisions about their water management needs.

Range of Applications - Our products are used in a diverse array of applications, from residential ponds and lakes to commercial and industrial settings, including agriculture, aquaculture, and municipal water management.

Aesthetic Enhancements - In addition to improving water quality, our decorative fountains and lighting solutions are designed to enhance the visual appeal of water bodies, making them suitable for both functional and aesthetic purposes.>Global Presence - Kasco Marine serves a global customer base, expanding our reach to different regions and climates, which allows us to address a wide range of water management challenges.

Our Future
Kasco Marine is likely to continue integrating advanced technologies into our products, enhancing the efficiency and capabilities of our water management solutions. Given the industry's increasing emphasis on environmental responsibility, you can expect us to further expand our sustainability efforts which may involve developing even more eco-friendly and energy-efficient products. We will also be looking into diversifying our product range to address a wider range of water management challenges, including those related to water quality, aeration, and environmental control.