Integral LED

The History of Integral LED
Integral LED (part of Integral Memory Plc) was formed in 2013 when Integral Memory Managing Director Sunil Kotecha noticed the similarities between the rapidly evolving LED Lighting market and the computer memory sector which he had worked in for 20+ years. Realising that much of the LED product being produced at this time was unreliable or untested, he sought to bring the knowledge, expertise and reliability Integral is known for to the LED lighting industry.

The Integral LED Ethos
Integral LED seeks to bring superior LED products to market at competitive prices. Using our slogan “Trusted Lighting Solutions” as our ethos, we focus on engineering market leading solutions that maximise the performance, reliability, and connectivity of LED lighting.

Integral LED's Products and Systems
We offer a wide selection of innovative, high-quality and cost-effective lighting solutions, for indoor and outdoor use, to suit residential, commercial, public sector and industrial settings.

Integral LED's Sustainability and Environmental Policies
With a focus on improved efficiency, reliability and longevity, we strive to make all our products as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Our Max Efficiency ‘Class A’ lamps offer over 212lm/W and we are soon to be introducing further ultra-energy efficient products. Our product packaging is predominantly cardboard, and where it is not, we are actively looking to where we can change this to a more environmentally friendly alternative. As a company we encourage employees to print only when necessary and have reduced the amount of marketing materials we produce in a physical form. Our catalogues are all available to download and we aim to create online information pages instead of printing booklets and flyers.

What Sets Integral LED Apart
At Integral, we aim to provide premium quality at competitive prices. Our products are tested rigorously in our UK based state-of-the-art testing lab. Integral LED products are reliable and perform equally or better than big name brand products, without the added price tag. Our UK based customer service team are knowledgeable, friendly and responsive.

Our Future
As Integral LED continues to expand, we review our range in light of feedback and suggestions from our customers. This includes the further development of our patented Evofire fire-rated downlights and development of products with power & CCT switching, dimming functionality, varied sensor & control options and maximum efficiency ranges.