The History of Elevate (formally Firestone)
It started with a horse… and four tires. When our founder, Harvey Firestone, worked as a salesman for the Columbus Buggy Company, his was the first vehicle to be equipped with pneumatic tires. Being first would become synonymous with the name Firestone, as the company has continued to lead the competition for more than 115 years. The Firestone Tire Company was founded on a determination to offer the quality and service it takes to win the race, wherever that race may be. It’s how we made the non-skid tread pattern an industry standard — in 1909. In 1980, Firestone entered the commercial roofing industry, using their expertise in rubber compounds to launch the RubberGard EPDM membrane. This eventually resulted in the development of the Firestone PondGard EPDM liners which have been hugely popular in the UK since the mid 1990’s. In 2022, Firestone Roofing Systems officially became Elevate, the premier commercial brand of the Holcim Building Envelope division portfolio. With this exciting transition, we continue our commitment to building a safe, innovative and sustainable future by investing heavily in R&D to help solve the challenges of tomorrow.

The Elevate Ethos
Quite simply, to provide high quality EDPM liners with a proven 50 years plus lifespan. EPDM is a ‘greener’ option than the lower grade budget plastic liners which have a much shorter lifespan and are more harmful to the environment overall.

Elevate's Products and Systems
Upon it’s introduction to the market, Elevate PondGard EPDM membrane offered a good alternative to the traditional 0.75mm Butyl rubber liners. Its smooth surface finish and extra thickness at 1.02mm became a firm favourite for landscapers. The on-site joining use of a tape and glue system is easy to learn and extremely effective. The membrane is now firmly established as the premium quality lining option for large ponds, ornamental lakes and for commercial use such as swales and attenuation ponds. The Elevate seaming system also allows installers to join large sheets on site with allowance for corner details and pipe penetrations.

Elevate's Sustainability and Environmental Policies
Our solutions exceed requirements for sustainability. With a proactive focus on participation in LEED/BREEAM to solve collective challenges, our leading research and development facilities support a robust innovation pipeline. From a dedicated team of scientists and engineers focused on new, diverse roofing systems to every plant being ISO 9001 quality certified, we are steadfast in our dedication to supporting future generations with every build.

What Sets Elevate Apart
Reliability, quality and development. The longevity of Elevate PondGard is unrivalled. With a proven 50 years plus lifespan, EPDM is a ‘greener’ option than the lower grade budget plastic liners which have a much shorter lifespan and are more harmful to the environment overall. Thanks to its chemical inertness and resistance to algae and micro-organisms, Elevate PondGard EDPM membranes do not release chemicals into the environment. Its high-quality means liners aren’t often replaced making them a more sustainable product. They can also be repaired easily, further increasing their lifespan.

Our Future
More of the same. We have been supplying premium quality EPDM and Butyl liner to for decades and we remain the market leader with one of the most recognisable brand names across the world and in the industry.