The History of DELTALIGHT
Paul Ameloot created DELTALIGHT in 1989 in the Belgian city of Roeselare, achieving his dream to design and manufacture architectural lighting. Together with a small team, he developed the first light fixture, the ‘Phantom’. This local success story soon went global, with participation in international events from the get-go. Today DELTALIGHT is active on all continents, but still honours our local roots. Since our conception, DELTALIGHT has grown from a small Belgian company into a worldwide business that offers lighting solutions and services in 120 countries. In addition to our Belgian headquarters, there are DELTALIGHT branch offices and partners on all continents and in key design capitals, including Sydney, New York, Amsterdam, Bogota, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Miami, London, Milan, Cape Town, Los Angeles and many more.

Light that makes you see, light that makes you look, light that animates the world around you. DELTALIGHT develops lighting solutions that enhance people’s lives and therefore people’s quality of life. We bring our experience of light to the service of architects, landscape and lighting designers to help them achieve their vision. DELTALIGHT aims to create a lighting display integrated into the environment and complimenting the architecture, using the right light in the right way to make architectural and landscape concepts stand out.

DELTALIGHT's Products and Systems
DELTALIGHT offers a high-quality range of contemporary architectural lighting solutions. This is a legacy that the brand carries with pride and will continue to build upon.
From residential to commercial projects, whether small or large, DELTALIGHT has the technical expertise, product range, and practical experience to meet both the functional and aesthetic requirements of any project. While DELTALIGHT is well-known for interior luminaires, over the past few years the brand has been working hard on exterior luminaires, with the effort and vision resulting in a growing outdoor range. These luminaires are of high quality and the product excellence is evident in the lighting experience, enhanced durability and state-of-the-art finishes. DELTALIGHT is determined to make the outdoor range as renowned as the indoor range, based on the same pillars: contemporary design, excellent quality, innovative product development and a solid production and finish. Each project requires a customised approach, and as such DELTALIGHT recognises this with an exceptional package of services and design tools. The global team work with stakeholders to achieve the best possible results; starting with initial concepts, to support of the installation process and project follow-up, and everything in between.

DELTALIGHT's Sustainability and Environmental Policies
DELTALIGHT believes sustainability will create added value and drive economic growth. Sustainability is not so much a destination or one big goal, but rather a path with an accumulation of initiatives, where every effort counts to achieve that bigger collective result. We recognise that our business activities have an impact on the environment and takes this responsibility seriously. The company places great importance on ecological awareness and sustainability, with the goal to produce light fittings that are inventive, efficient and also environmentally friendly, with a key focus on quality and longevity. With each new collection, DELTALIGHT integrates the latest technological developments wherever possible, makes improvements in recyclability and waste management, and pays close attention to efficient use of materials, production and transport. DELTALIGHT’s commitment has been recognised with prestigious awards such as the Lighting For Good Award in 2019 and 2020. Our commitment to sustainability does not only extend to the production processes. Our headquarters in Belgium are equipped with solar panels that produce enough renewable energy to power the entire production line and office site. DELTALIGHT is also proud to offer our employees a healthy, safe and harmonious environment, both in the global offices and headquarters. Our sustainability efforts and commitment to the well-being of employees has earned us the bronze Ecovadis medal in 2019, and the silver medal in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

What Sets DELTALIGHT Apart
DELTALIGHT makes lighting that turns your quality of life up a notch. Whatever your style, the DELTALIGHT collection has something for everyone: there are 660 product categories with thousands of different options, and the brand is continuously growing and improving our extensive outdoor lighting options. Each DELTALIGHT product is born at the Belgian headquarters; from design and development, to prototyping and manufacturing, to packaging and storage. This enables DELTALIGHT to take care of all the production processes and the final product fully independently.
Innovation, design and technology have been the driving forces behind DELTALIGHT since the very beginning. The passionate design and R&D team is constantly looking for new ideas and original ways to use materials and technologies. In this way, we succeed time and again in designing a collection of timeless, elegant and stunning lighting fixtures. As a subtle blending of architecture, technology and design, DELTALIGHT is the perfect choice for the most daring and cutting-edge projects.

Our Future
DELTALIGHT has a key focus on continuing to improve and extend our outdoor range of products over the coming years, to become a go-to company for exterior as well as interior projects.
The brand continues to have a keen focus on quality of light source and material, precision manufacturing processes and extreme testing to offer the following proofs:

Durable Proof - DELTALIGHT continues to maintain the highest standard in material choice as well as in the technology and manufacturing process. Every luminaire is designed, engineered and manufactured to guarantee high, maintained IP ratings and long lifetime.

Climate Proof - DELTALIGHT outdoor luminaires are engineered to withstand all climate types and conditions. From extreme heat to heavy snow, rainfall, or ice and cold temperatures, the luminaires are designed to deal with all possibilities.

Project & Functionality Proof - DELTALIGHT outdoor products are ready to meet the needs of today’s landscape design and illuminate with impact. The flexible and functional range has a variety of optics, beam angles and features to enable designers to meet various needs in landscape illumination, public and private spaces.

Future & Fun Proof - The DELTALIGHT outdoor range has you covered with our minimal aesthetic. Presenting a combination of durability and timeless design our outdoor range is designed to look stunning, forever. Whether incorporated in a cosy backyard, a sprawling landscape or an urban environment.