The History of Collingwood
Collingwood was founded in 1901 and started designing innovative LED lighting products in 2002. Collingwood was the first LED lighting company to supply a range of purpose-built LED lighting for the UK electrical wholesale market. To strengthen our position as a market leading innovator of LED lighting across the globe, we began distributing lighting in Europe, Asia/Pacific, Africa and the Americas, and, in 2011, acquired the French company Seelight SASU now known as Collingwood France. For over twenty years Collingwood has been the pioneer in the LED lighting industry. As a British designer and manufacturer of LED lighting, we were also the first to produce 100% waterproof sealed for life products and the first to provide a fit for purpose fire rated downlight.

The Collingwood Ethos
Collingwood is a lighting designer and manufacturer built on principles of quality and innovation. With our history of firsts to market we aim to take that attitude into the future and continue to drive the lighting industry forwards. We believe in quality above all else and this sentiment echoes through every aspect of our service from the product to the customer service we provide. We are experts in lighting and believe we can help our customers achieve their ideal installation through high quality innovative product and expertise.

Collingwood's Products and Systems
Collingwood designs and manufacturers a diverse range of products varying from commercial and industrial products to residential and landscape lighting all with quality and innovation in mind.

Collingwood's Sustainability and Environmental Policies

Sustainability has never been more important and as such we aim to operate with this always in mind and to improve year on year. As we operate today, we have the following policies in action:
  • New boxes are made from FSC approved card to ensure we know where the material comes from.
  • Recycling of cardboard boxes; shredding to use as void fill.
  • Re-use cardboard boxes to reduce the requirements to further pack our product with new outer packaging.
  • Paper kraft tape for all packaging to completely remove plastics.
  • Carbon offset-transport for all deliveries.
  • We operate digitally wherever possible to minimise paper waste.
  • Warehouse digital system being implemented to minimise paper wastage.
  • LED efficient lighting in our operation to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Responsible waste partnerships set up.
  • Products are all designed to be as efficient as possible reducing energy consumption.
  • Products are all designed to maximise the lifetime to prevent the need for replacements for as long as possible.
  • We have started a journey into repairability and re-usability and have just launched our first products of this nature and are looking to push this further.
  • We aim to continue to evolve and improve our operation as well as our products to be as sustainable as possible.

What Sets Collingwood Apart
We have confidence in the quality of our products that we manufacture. We have such faith in the quality of our products that we offer a 7-year extended warranty on the majority of our range, and even a 10-year warranty on some products

Our Future
We have just begun our journey into repairability, and re-usability and we are excited about the opportunities for innovative design and the impact that can have on the environment. We can’t talk about anything just yet but watch this space!