The History of Claber
In 1969 while people looked up at the moon, the people at Claber were looking down at the ground, starting our journey into the world of irrigation.
Our journey started with the development of lightweight metal hose carts and by 1972 Claber was one of the first Italian companies to adopt the international size standards of all its connectors. We quickly recognised the importance of highly robust and efficient connectors which have been designed and manufactured to last and reduce waste ever since.
From 1972, Claber’s journey has been marked by a series of achievements of innovation within the watering and irrigation market. For over 50 years Claber has led by example to become a global leader, helping to change and create a new gardening culture around the world.

The Claber Ethos
Water is a natural resource which sometimes can be take for granted. The use of water has been an important factor to Claber, with it being an important resource that brings growth and wellbeing to gardens and greenspaces. Our aim is to make watering and irrigation easy for everyone, so we can all manage the use of and reduce the waste of this precious resource that brings life to us all.

Claber's Products and Systems
Claber believes that our vast range of products offers “one range with many solutions”. Whether you’re a professional gardener or domestic gardening enthusiasts our products are durable, affordable and 100% compatible. Our manufacturing process is supported by solar energy and hydro energy, to reduce our carbon footprint.

Claber's Sustainability and Environmental Policies
It goes without saying that Claber’s approach towards a more ecofriendly manufacturing process and 100% recyclable future goes hand in hand with our ethos. Claber only uses non-toxic plastic raw materials in our production process. All the materials are carefully sourced and are safely treated, allowing us to continue to provide customers with quality affordable products made to last, which are 100% recyclable. We are continuously researching new packaging materials, exploring ways to reduce the materials we use and to reduce single use waste.

What Sets Claber Apart
Our wide selection of products are designed, developed and manufactured in Italy, with all products and packing being 100% recyclable, minimising environmental impact. Our products are suitable for professionals and are designed to stand the test of time in the outdoor environment.

Our Future
Claber has never stopped searching for new and innovative ways to take every single last drop of water from the tap to the root of the plant. Our development team is working on new products and more efficient ways to bring life to gardens and greenspaces. Every year we aim to bring out at least one new product to market, that we hope will continue to make “irrigation easy for everyone.”