Aquascape Professional Pondless Waterfall Kits

The Aquascape Professional Pondless Waterfall Kit comes complete with everything you need to build a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, recirculating waterfall, eliminating the guesswork and calculations when purchasing individual components. The Pondless Waterfall system utilises a hidden underground water reservoir constructed from AquaBlox and pond liner, with a pump for feeding the waterfall and pump vault added for easy access for maintenance.

These kits include:
  • Aquascape flat sheet liner of varying sizes to line the hidden reservoir, as well as flat sheet liner for lining the stream (where applicable).
  • Protective fleece underlay to line the dug hole or stream, preventing puncturing of the pond liner.
  • Pondless Waterfall Vault for quick and easy access to the underground reservoir and pump for maintenance.
  • Waterfall Spillway unit for wide and even distribution at the top of the waterfall, with high strength enabling them to be buried within the landscape with dirt, gravel, stones and boulders.
  • AquaBlox for adding structure into the reservoir while preserving void space for water, allowing the reservoir to be hidden below stones and gravel for the water to permeate through back into the reservoir.
  • EcoWave pond pump for efficiently feeding the waterfall system with water from the reservoir.
  • Dual Union Check Valve 2.0 for connecting to the pump, preventing backflow from the pipework and Waterfall Spillway unit in the event of the pump being turned off. This protects against overflow of the reservoir from backflow.
  • Flexible PVC pipework and PVC glue for feeding water to the waterfall system.
  • Black waterfall foam for securing and filling gaps between rocks and boulders used to construct and naturalise the watercourse.
  • Black silicone sealant for sealing the threads across all threaded fittings, preventing leaking of water through the threads.
  • SL Dosing System for creating and maintaining great water chemistry, improving the efficiency of the biological filtration that develops in the system as bacteria colonise the surface area of rocks and stones, aiding the removal of excess nutrient.
  • Maintain for Ponds SL treatment containing beneficial bacteria to kick start biological action in the system, phosphate binder and flocculant to reduce nutrient levels and suspended algae cells, and pond detoxifier to remove and detoxify chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals and other toxins.
The full specifications and included items within each kit can be found in the images on this page. For installation instructions and tips, see the video on this page.
Aquascape Professional Pondless Waterfall Kit - no stream
Product Code: ASK3000
Aquascape Professional Pondless Waterfall Kit - 2m stream
Product Code: ASK3020
Aquascape Professional Pondless Waterfall Kit - 5m stream
Product Code: ASK3050
Aquascape Professional Pondless Waterfall Kit - 8m stream
Product Code: ASK3080