Claber Tempo myAquaSolar Tap Timers (single outlet)

Designed, manufactured and tested in northern Italy, the Claber myAquaSolar range of tap timers are a fantastic option for controlling tap-based irrigation systems. Connecting directly to the 3/4" male thread on an outdoor tap or tap splitter, they are easy to install and do not require any batteries or external power source.

Instead, they harness the power of the sun using a photovoltaic solar panel built into the face of the timer, providing ample power to control the internal valves at the selected times of day. As a result, they are best installed in a relatively light area of the garden to ensure the solar panel is getting enough light all season long, however they do not require direct sunlight.

Programming these timers couldn't be more simple thanks to the easy-to-use and intuitive Claber myAquaSolar smartphone application. Utilising Bluetooth® technology with a functional range of around 10m, the app makes it simple to programme either one or two water schedules per day, per outlet, with customisable on/off times. The days of the week in which these schedules run can also be controlled, enabling frequent or sporadic watering depending on the irrigation demands. Alternatively, the timers can be controlled manually using the manual on/off feature, either on the app or the physical button on the timer itself.

Multiple myAquaSolar timers can be added to the app by simply scanning the QR code or entering the PIN on the timers. These timers then appear separately in the app where they can be renamed along with the renaming of each zone where applicable. Best of all, you can programme the timers on your smartphone before handing over to the client - they just need to scan the QR code on their smartphone, retaining all of your programmed irrigation schedules. A maximum of 4 timers can be added to the app, essentially meaning a maximum of 4 individual timers per project.

They are compatible with the Claber wired rain sensor which simply plugs into the carcass of the timer. When mounted in a location that catches rain, they will sense when enough rain has fallen to cancel the pre-programmed schedules. This not only helps to save valuable water, but also prevents overwatering of plants when irrigation is not required.

The myAquaSolar timers are also available with two outlets for watering multiple irrigation zones from just one tap outlet. To read more about the Claber myAquaSolar click here.

Dimension: Width 80mm; Height 163mm; Depth 110mm (approx.)


Guarantee 3 Years
Inlet Thread ¾" BSP - female
Number of Outlets 1 Outlet
Outlet Thread ¾" BSP - male
Powered By Photovoltaic solar panel
Pressure Rating 0.5 - 10 bar
Programmes 2 per day
Rain Sensor Wired
Claber Tempo myAquaSolar tap timer - single outlet
Product Code: CTS1012
Two programs per day, with connection for a rain sensor to save water; outlet on timer ¾" BSP male