Aquascape Lake Sludge Remover Packs

Aquascape Lake Sludge Remover Packs eliminate organic sludge or muck from lakes and large ponds, enhancing water clarity and quality while removing odours. The easy-to-use water-soluble packs dose the sludge layer directly by sinking to the bottom before dissolving, making it easy to spot-treat or treat hard to reach areas. This treatment works great on lake bottoms, beach areas, and shorelines. The packs contain all active ingredients with no harmful fillers or binders, along with an added carbon source which aids in proper denitrification. Lake Sludge Remover Packs slowly release oxygen to maximize sludge reduction and include added macrobiotics that effectively reduce sludge between doses.

Sold in tubs of 192 individual packs, each single pack can treat up to 250 sq/ft of surface area, or 23 sq/m. This means that a tub of 192 can treat a whopping 48,000 sq/ft of surface area, or 4,500 sq/m. The treatment works best between 4.4°C- 38°C and as such is suitable for use throughout most of the year except through the coldest months.

This treatment is for lake and large pond use only and may cause issues in smaller enclosed systems. Safe for fish, plants, and animals when used as directed.
Aquascape Lake Sludge Remover Packs - 192 pack
Product Code: ASA6322
A single pack treats up to 23m² (250ft²)