Aquascape Lake Treatment Booster Packs

The Aquascape Lake Treatment Booster Packs are designed primarily to supply oxygen to the water column to both oxidise algae cells and boost the efficiency of lake bacterial treatments as the bacteria breaks down organics. The addition of these Booster Packs to the lake accelerates nutrient uptake and sludge digestion, while charging bacterial growth by up to 10 times.

Without oxygen, healthy aerobic bacteria becomes anaerobic and begins to break excess nutrients down far less efficiently. The by-products of this anaerobic process also creates foul smells and toxic conditions for fish, plants and other animals, so it is absolutely crucial for lakes to have ample oxygen available to keep the bacterial processes from becoming anaerobic. As a result, this Lake Treatment Booster is ideal for non-aerated or highly eutrophic bodies of water.

The Lake Treatment Booster Packs utilise the chemical sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate, or SCP for short. Once the SCP comes into contact with the water it begins to react, producing sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide then breaks down into harmless water, and the desired final product - oxygen. Although this process may sound scary at first, it is harmless in the recommended dosages and leaves no harmful by-products.

To apply the treatment to the lake, simply throw individual water-soluble packs directly into the water. This soluble design allows them to dose the water column evenly.

Due to the concentrated nature of lake treatments, they should not be used in small ponds or enclosed systems. When used as directed, this treatment is totally safe for plants, fish and other animals.
Aquascape Lake Treatment Booster Packs - 192 pack
Product Code: ASA6312
A single pack treats up to 23m² (250ft²)