Aquascape Large Snorkel Wetland Vaults

Aquascape "Wetland Filtration" System:
The Aquascape Wetland Filtration system is constructed in a chamber that is separated from the main body of the pond. At the very bottom of this chamber are the Centipede modules with a layer of the AquaBlox placed directly on top to provide a void space and to avoid large debris from blocking the Centipedes. Also connected to the Centipedes are the Snorkel wetland vaults that enable access for maintenance and cleaning in the future. Tonnes of stones are then back filled on top of the centipedes, starting with a layer of large (5") stones, followed by a layer of medium (2" to 3") stones and finally a layer of gravel (¾" to 1"). When water is pumped into the Centipedes from the main pond, the dirty water is pushed up through these layers of gravel which mechanically and biologically filters the sediment and excess nutrients from the water. The clean water then emerges at the surface of the wetland filter chamber before being returned to the pond through gravity.

The use of stones in this system provides an enormous amount of surface area for healthy bacteria to thrive. The nature of this system also means that is it possible to filter huge ponds with large fish stocks, as this style of wetland filtration is completely customisable to suit the requirements of each project.

Aquascape Large Snorkel Wetland Vaults:
The Aquascape Large Snorkel wetland vaults are designed to be connected up to the Centipede module(s). They allow access to the bottom of the wetland filtration bed, enabling routine maintenance and cleaning to be conducted as required. By design, Wetland Filtration systems capture sediment which is then either broken down by bacteria (organic sediment) or falls to the bottom of the filter bed (inorganic sediment) where it will collect within the centipedes.

The inorganic sediment, which usually consists of fine sand or clay, requires physical removal to prevent it building up over time and restricting water flow. The Snorkel vaults allow a solids handling pump and pipework to be lowered down into the Centipedes to clear this built-up debris. They feature one open outlet as standard, but up to four Centipedes can be connected to the same Snorkel if required simply by sawing off the moulded caps.

Also available are extension pieces that can be placed atop the main Snorkel to increase the total height of the vault. The original lid from the Snorkel also fits perfectly with the extensions pieces.
Aquascape Large Snorkel wetland vault & cap
Product Code: ASF4020
Diameter 355mm; Height 1194mm
Aquascape Large Snorkel wetland vault extension
Product Code: ASF4022
Diameter 355mm; Height 700mm