Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria

About Aquascape:
Aquascape Inc. was created in 1991 by owner and CEO Greg Wittstock, also known as "The Pond Guy", when he began building ponds around Chicago during breaks in the school year. The Aquascape ethos is to connect people to water, whilst working with nature instead of fighting against it. Aquascape pond systems utilise the natural bacterial processes within ponds to keep the water healthy and crystal clear, often incorporating water courses and rockways to imitate the positive impact of a natural stream.

Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria:
The Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria is a liquid bacterial water treatment that is designed for boosting the natural ecology of the pond through the addition of healthy bacteria. Each bottle is packed full of 8 specially selected strains of bacteria that help to provide clean, clear water and healthy conditions. The bacteria breaks down fish waste, dead organic plant material (such as fallen leaves), sludge, and excess nutrients. This results in not only a healthier pond, but also longer periods between maintenance visits.

Each ounce of treatment boasts a 1.5 billion CFU (colony-forming unit) potency while the included marigold and vitamin B help to bring out the fishes natural colours while maintaining their health.

For colder climates or use in the colder months, Aquascape recommend using the Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria.
Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria - 32oz (946ml)
Product Code: ASA6246
Treats up to 75,000 litres
Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria - 1gal (3.78L)
Product Code: ASA6248
Treats up to 302,000 litres