Aquascape AquaBlox Pond Boxes

About Aquascape:
Aquascape Inc. was created in 1991 by owner and CEO Greg Wittstock, also known as "The Pond Guy", when he began building ponds around Chicago during breaks in the school year. The Aquascape ethos is to connect people to water, whilst working with nature instead of fighting against it. Aquascape pond systems utilise the natural bacterial processes within ponds to keep the water healthy and crystal clear, often incorporating water courses and rockways to imitate the positive impact of a natural stream.

Aquascape "Pondless Waterfall" System:
The Aquascape "Pondless Waterfall" system starts with a hidden lined water reservoir constructed from AquaBlox and pond liner. A pump, housed within a pump vault for easy access, is then used to pump water from the reservoir to a Waterfall Spillway. The Waterfall Spillway is installed atop a watercourse or rockway, allowing the water to return back to the underground reservoir. This closed system creates sounds and ambience within the garden, and is especially suited to gardens where space is limited or where the landscape is already to a watercourse.

Aquascape AquaBlox Pond Boxes:
The Aquascape AquaBlox pond boxes are an incredibly versatile product, with their primary use being to create underground reservoirs with excellent weight bearing capacity.

Constructed from recycled plastic, the AquaBlox are easy to assemble on site using just a rubber mallet. There are two options available, small and large, with two separate heights to suit the requirements of each project. Both variants boast an incredible weight bearing capacity of 7,300kg per box while maximising their usable volume.

To construct a bespoke water reservoir, a hole should be excavated to suit the required water volume ensuring that the dimensions are suitable for the pond boxes. This hole can then be lined with a layer of protective fleece, then liner with pond, then again with protective fleece. Having fleece on both sides of the liner will help to prevent any sharp stones or the pond boxes themselves from piercing the liner once weight is added on top. After lining, the pond boxes can be assembled and placed into the hole. The clever design of the individual panels allows rock and gravel to be placed over the top of the boxes. This both hides the plastic boxes from view and helps to prevent evaporation, while still allowing water to permeate through back to the reservoir.


Guarantee 10 Years
Load Capacity 7300kg
Material Recycled Plastic
Aquascape AquaBlox pond box - small - 673mm x 406mm x 241mm
Product Code: ASA1812
Length 673mm; Width 406mm; Height 241mm; Volume 64 litres
Aquascape AquaBlox pond box - large - 673mm x 406mm x 445mm
Product Code: ASA1822
Length 673mm; Width 406mm; Height 445mm; Volume 121 litres