Collingwood LSC82 Strip Light Recessed Mounting Profiles - Frosted

Designed to be used alongside the Collingwood LSC82 LED strip, these mounting profiles can be used to house the LED strip lighting when recessed installation is required. The frosted cover also aids to diffuse the light, providing a softer lighting effect to be achieved which may be more desirable in some cases than a brighter, more direct light.

Manufactured from anodised aluminium, they are available 2 metre lengths that can easily be cut down to size if needed, and come with an end cap to prevent light spilling out the end of the profile. There are also profiles available here for when surface mounting is required.

Dimensions: 2000mm; depth of profile 28mm; width of profile 23.2mm; width of profile (including bezel) 34.2mm (approx)


Material Aluminium
Collingwood LSC strip light recessed mounting profile - aluminium - frosted - 2m
Product Code: LDF9982