Collingwood LSC82 Waterproof LED Strip Lights

New to our range in 2021, the Collingwood LSC82 LED strip light is fully waterproof thanks to its IP68 construction, providing excellent long term reliability and a wide range of potential applications.

These strip lights can be supplied in continuous lengths ranging up to an impressive 20m, and can be specified to the exact requirements for each application, with cut points every 100mm.

Each length of LED strip is supplied with a soldered and fully waterproof 500mm flying lead, which can easily be connected to black rubber cable and our 24v outdoor power supplies using a waterproof connection such as bullet connectors and heat-shrink tubing.

Collingwood manufacture the LSC82 strip with a 3M self adhesive backing to ensure a secure and simple installation. We are also able to offer either a recessed or surface mounting profile with a frosted cover if required. Higher light output LED strips are also available upon request.

Dimensions: length 0.1m up to 20m (in 100mm increments); width 12mm; height 5mm


Beam Angle 120°
Guarantee 5 Years
IP Rating IP68
Lamp Life 60,000h
Light Colour (Kelvin) 2700k (ww/white), 3000k (w/white) or 4000k (n/white)
Lumen Output 360 lm/m (ww/white), 380 lm/m (w/white), 420 lm/m (n/white)
Power Consumption 4.8w per meter
Power Source 24v Power Supply
Type of Light Strip Light
Wiring Required Parallel
Collingwood LSC82 waterproof LED strip - n/white - 1m - 24v - 4.8w/m - 420lm/m
Product Code: LDF8110
Collingwood LSC82 waterproof LED strip - w/white - 1m - 24v - 4.8w/m - 380lm/m
Product Code: LDF8112
Collingwood LSC82 waterproof LED strip - ww/white - 1m - 24v - 4.8w/m - 360lm/m
Product Code: LDF8114