Claber Turbospike Misting Sprinklers

Claber Turbospike Misting Sprinklers

Designed to be connected straight to a hose pipe using the Claber Hose Connectors, these sprinklers can be temporarily placed in position using the sturdy plastic spike. The Claber Turbospike sprinklers create a misting effect in a circular pattern with a spray diameter of up to 7 metres, allowing a surface area of 40m² to be watered per sprinkler.

Dimensions: height 193mm; Ø of body 35mm (approx)


Area of Coverage 30m² - 40m²
Connection Type Quick-Click
Material Polypropylene
Claber Turbospike misting sprinkler
Product Code: MBS1370
RRP: £6.28 ex. VAT
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