Claber Hydro 4 Programmable Valve Boxes

These programmable valve boxes from Claber provide a simplified alternative to the more complex controller/underground solenoid systems, while still achieving similar results. Containing 4 individual solenoid valves all controlled by one internal unit, these IP68 enclosures are incredibly simple to install as no wiring is required and there is no need for an exterior controller. With a ¾" BSP - male inlet and 4 x ¾" BSP - male outlets, both 13mm or 19mm LDPE pipe can be easily connected using 13mm or 19mm nut & tails, along with Ratchet Clamps to ensure a secure connection between the two.

The Hydro-4 valve boxes can also be easily connected to the Claber Wireless Hydro 4 Rain Sensors to help save precious water and to prevent over watering.

Dimensions: height 153mm; Ø of body 200mm


Bar Pressure 1 - 6 Bar
Flow Rate 25 l/min @ 2.5 bar
Guarantee 2 Years
Inlet Thread ¾" BSP - male
IP Rating IP68
Outlet Thread ¾" BSP - male
Powered By 2 x AAA 1.5v batteries
Claber Hydro 4 programmable valve box - 4 valves - ¾" BSP - male
Product Code: UNC5010