Collingwood Mini Baffled Deck Lights - s/steel (flood)

The development and introduction of 1w Luxeon LEDs (light emitting diodes) now offers a real alternative to halogen fittings, giving a directional light that is cool to touch, making them ideally suited for use as spotlights and recessed fittings around steps, terraces and decks or areas where children might play. They have very low running costs and exceptional lamp life (up to 70,000 hours), allowing you to fit them anywhere without having to worry about maintenance.

The most popular ground light in the Collingwood range has an even better looking sibling in the form of the Mini Baffled Deck Light. This ultra low-glare, IP68 ground light is a stunning product for illuminating entrance halls, pathways and circulation areas of both interiors and exteriors. The light source is recessed further back into the ground keeping it hidden from view, but still provides a powerful upwards light beam. This marine-grade stainless steel unit will give a flawless performance for many years of maintenance-free operation. Available in three colour temperatures and two beam angles in order to suit any interior or exterior design.

Dimensions: Ø of bezel 40mm; length of fitting 75mm.


Beam Angle 30 Degrees (flood)
Cable Length 1m
Cutout Diameter 33mm
Guarantee 7 Years
IP Rating IP68
Lamp Life 70,000h
Light Colour (Kelvin) 2,700K (ww/white)
Light Colour (Kelvin) 3,000K (w/white)
Light Colour (Kelvin) 4,000K (n/white)
Light Material/Colour Stainless Steel
Power Source 350mA Standard Power LED
Collingwood mini baffled deck light - s/steel - 1w (350mA) - 2w (700mA) - n/white LED (30°)
Product Code: LGC4071
RRP: £113.14
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Collingwood mini baffled deck light - s/steel - 1w (350mA) - 2w (700mA) - w/white LED (30°)
Product Code: LGC4072
RRP: £113.14
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Collingwood mini baffled deck light - s/steel - 1w (350mA) - 2w (700mA) - ww/white LED (30°)
Product Code: LGC4073
RRP: £113.14
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