Divertron Pumps

The DAB Divertron range are submersible pumps that are perfectly suited for use within tank and pump irrigation systems thanks to their automatic internal pressure switch. This switch detect when a loss of pressure is detected on the outlet of the pump, for example when a solenoid valve is opened in an irrigation system, allowing the pump to automatically turn on and pump water through the system to the open valve. Once the valve shuts, the pump detects the back pressure that is then created and turns itself off automatically. This prevents the need to have a separate pump start relay to control the pump.

The standard Divertron 1200 pump features a stainless steel filter basket covering the intake, filtering out larger solids to prevent damage to the pump. On the other hand, the Divertron 1200X is designed for use with a floating intake (available separately) which threads into the intake, allowing the pump to draw from closer to the surface of the water in the tank. This helps to avoid sediment that may settle at the bottom of any tank or reservoir over time, especially in rainwater harvesting systems which could potentially damage solenoid valves or sprinklers in the system.

The Divertron pumps are constructed from anti-corrosive and highly resistant materials and feature a 1" female BSP threaded outlet to allow for easy connections to pipe work.

Dimensions: Width of body 150mm; Length of body 480mm; Outlet thread 1" female BSP


Cable Length 15m
Guarantee 2 Years
IP Rating IP68
Max. immersion depth 12m
Power Source 240v Mains
Temperature Range 0°c to +35°c
Divertron 1200 pump
Product Code: RNP2030
Features a fixed intake protected by a stainless steel filter basket
RRP: £587.93
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Divertron 1200X pump
Product Code: RNP2040
Features a threaded intake that allow easy connection to the Divertron floating intake
RRP: £633.56
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Floating intake for Divertron 1200X
Product Code: RNP9010
Floating intake featuring a float, pipework and threaded connection for 1200X pumps
RRP: £99.90
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