Design Support

What is Design Support, and what should you expect?

Here at Landscapeplus we care about our customers and are passionate to help them wherever and however we can! We genuinely want to help garden designers and other industry professionals understand our systems and products to ensure they are getting the most out of them. As a result of the COVID-19 restrictions and us not being able to meet with our customers, we had to come up with a solution to maintain the level of help and support that is so important to us. This is where our free of charge Design Support service came into its own and why it has a dedicated team.

Our aim is to help advise and guide you through your projects no matter the size. With our product specific knowledge, we will help you choose the most suitable systems and products for your project, keeping your clients' budget and vision in mind. Whether you are using a familiar system or stepping out of your comfort zone with a new one, we will work through everything together to ensure you have all you need.

What do you need to provide, and when should you get in touch?

All you need to provide is a simple plan with a brief explanation as to what you and your client are looking to achieve. Your plan can be hand drawn or right up to a full CAD design, we will work with whatever you have. It is also helpful to include a mood board or anything you and your client have looked at for inspiration to help us understand the feel and aesthetic you are trying to create. Although not crucial, the more information you can provide the better. Dimensions are key and the most important thing for lighting, irrigation and water features but so frequently forgotten. They help give us an idea of the size/scale of the job which will in turn help choose the most suitable systems and products.

The earlier you get in touch, the better. This gives us the maximum amount of flexibility on how we can help integrate our reliable systems into your project. The later it is, the more complicated it becomes as we have more to work around.

What happens next, and why is the service free of charge?

After our initial contact and providing us with your plan and any other relevant information, we will then arrange a call or zoom meeting to review and discuss your plan. This gives us an opportunity to have a conversation with you and ask and answer any questions you might have, ensuring we are meeting both your and your clients' expectations. This is also the best time to run through the systems and products in your design to make sure you are happy and confident with our advice, and make any required amendments.

We often get asked; "why is Design Support free of charge?". In theory it should be a chargeable service, however we prefer to offer the support and advice for free in the hopes that, when the project is passed on to the contractor, the systems and products are purchased through us. We also ask that you provide the contractor with your quotation reference number to enable us to convert the quote to their account. This all helps us to continue offering Design Support as a complimentary service.

Interested in learning more about what Landscapeplus offer?

We pride ourselves on our after-care support and are passionate about helping our customers to develop their skills and confidence. In addition to Design Support, we also offer nation-wide specific training days which are perfect for contractors, installers and garden designers alike to experience our systems and products first hand. This also provides the perfect opportunity for us to meet and build a relationship, which we hope you value as much as we do.

To find out more about our training days and other events, please contact