The History of Hunter
Founded in 1983, Hunter Industries is a well-established global company, based in San Marcos, California, specialising and manufacturing irrigation products for residential, commercial and golf sectors, as well as products that can be used in agricultural applications. We are renowned for high-quality irrigation products, including sprinklers, valves, controllers, and drip irrigation systems, designed to efficiently manage water use and maintain healthy landscapes.

The Hunter Ethos
Hunter Industries' ethos revolves around water conservation, innovation, quality, sustainability, customer satisfaction, education, and a global presence. These principles underpin our mission to provide reliable and efficient irrigation and outdoor lighting solutions that contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible world.

Hunter's Products and Systems
Hunter Industries supply a wide range of products and systems primarily focused on irrigation and outdoor landscape solutions:

Sprinklers - Hunter manufacture various types of sprinklers, including pop-up spray heads and rotors.

Valves - Our variety of irrigation valves help control the flow of water to different zones in an irrigation system. These valves are essential for managing water distribution.

Controllers - Hunter offers irrigation controllers which allow users to set schedules for watering, control watering duration, and even adapt to weather conditions using smart controllers.

Drip Irrigation - Hunter's drip irrigation systems are designed for water-efficient, targeted watering. They include tubing, emitters, filters, and other components that enable precise irrigation of plants while minimising water wastage.

Nozzles and Sprays – Hunter produces a range of nozzles and spray heads designed to deliver water in various patterns and distances, allowing for customisation based on specific landscape needs.

Sensors - Hunter offers weather sensors that can adjust irrigation schedules based on real-time weather conditions. This helps prevent overwatering during rainy periods and optimises watering during dry spells.

Pumps - Hunter provide pumps for various irrigation applications, such as boosting water pressure for efficient water distribution.

Central Control Systems - For large-scale irrigation systems, Hunter provides central control systems that allow for remote monitoring and management of multiple sites, optimising water use and system efficiency.

Maintenance and Repair Parts - Hunter offers a range of replacement parts and tools to help users maintain and repair their irrigation systems, ensuring longevity and performance. Hunter Industries' products and systems are designed to cater to residential, golf sectors, commercial, and agricultural irrigation needs.

Hunter's Sustainability and Environmental Policies
As outlined in our ethos, we are driven to creating products and systems that contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible world. We have outlined below how each of our products helps us achieve this.

Water-Efficient Products - Hunter Industries is well-regarded for producing water-efficient irrigation products that help reduce water consumption while maintaining healthy landscapes. This includes the development of water-saving sprinklers, controllers, and nozzles.

Smart Irrigation - We have been at the forefront of promoting smart irrigation practices by offering controllers that can adjust watering schedules based on real-time weather data, helping prevent overwatering.

Weather-Based Irrigation Control- Hunter has encouraged the use of weather-based controllers that adjust irrigation schedules in response to changing weather conditions, reducing water waste.

Drip Irrigation - These systems are a sustainable choice for efficient water distribution, and Hunter provides a range of products and guidance on their use.

Sustainable Landscaping Education - We offer educational resources and training programs to help users and professionals implement sustainable landscaping practices, including water-efficient irrigation.

Recycling and Waste Reduction - Hunter Industries has implemented programs to reduce waste and promote recycling within our manufacturing processes and facilities.

Sustainable Manufacturing Practices - We have worked to minimise our environmental footprint in the production of irrigation and landscape products, emphasising the use of sustainable materials and efficient manufacturing processes.

What Sets Hunter Apart
Hunter Industries has a strong commitment to sustainability and water conservation. We have introduced innovative technologies like weather-based irrigation controllers and water-efficient nozzles to help customers reduce water consumption while maintaining beautiful landscapes. The company has a global presence, with offices and distribution centres in multiple countries, serving a wide range of customers worldwide. Overall, Hunter Industries is recognised as a leader in the irrigation and landscape solutions industry, known for our dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainable practices.

Our Future
Given our strong emphasis on water conservation and environmental responsibility, you can expect us to continue developing and promoting more sustainable irrigation and landscaping solutions. This could include the introduction of even more water-efficient products and technologies. As a pioneer in smart irrigation solutions, we may continue to enhance our smart controller offerings, incorporating more advanced features and connectivity to provide users with greater control and water-saving capabilities. We may also expand our product lines to cover emerging trends in the landscaping and outdoor industry. For instance, we could develop new products and solutions related to outdoor environmental monitoring or advanced landscape lighting technologies. To support sustainable landscaping and irrigation practices, Hunter Industries is likely to offer more educational resources, training, and guidance to help users and professionals make informed choices. We will continue to demonstrate our commitment to environmental stewardship by investing in environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and materials, as well as actively engaging in sustainable business practices.