The History of Hudson
Previously working as an electrician, I had been installing outdoor lighting for prestigious landscape gardening companies for 8 years.
Warranties of the light fittings were always honoured, sometimes resulting in return rates of up to 8 visits within a year; due to spike and ground lights suffering from water ingress. It didn't matter what end of the budget spectrum the fittings were from, the problem persisted.
In 2017, I decided enough was enough. Previously I had created custom fittings for different clients in 2011 (under Hudson Lighting) - still working to this day.
Prototypes were designed, initially 3D printed and then later machined and tested within gardens - the difference being these fittings are all completely submersible.
Every light fitting is subjected to underwater testing to be sure it's watertight. After this test, we can be sure that the fitting will last within an outdoor environment for years to come.
The lights are manufactured completely in our own workshop in Coulsdon, Surrey, England from the turning of aluminium on a lathe to assembling the printed circuit board, powder coating and everything in between.

The Hudson Ethos
Our mission is to bring back British manufacturing and the quality that comes with that prestige. We are turning outside lighting on its head by manufacturing lights with completely user-replaceable parts that don't cost the earth and ensuring that our range is as illumination efficient as well as giving the installers confidence in the products we produce.

Hudson's Products and Systems
Exclusively garden lighting products - specifically extra low voltage for our range (excluding two wall lights which are low voltage on request).

Hudson's Sustainability and Environmental Policies
Producing in the UK, all in house means we reduce our transportation footprint. Our 3-year plan includes our own facility which incorporates solar and grey water reed bed processing.

What Sets Hudson Apart
Manufacturing in the UK producing IP68 fittings - yet fully replaceable parts.

Our Future
By continuing to improve our products and processes and listening to our customers, we think that the range will only get better as it has done historically. We hope that our manufacturing will expand to serve more of the landscape community.