The History of GRAF
GRAF UK, a subsidiary of the global company GRAF Group, have been operating in the UK since 2014. The roots of the GRAF Group can be traced back to 1962, when our company was founded with a focus on sustainable water management systems. Over the years, GRAF has evolved into a key player in the industry, with a strong commitment to developing innovative solutions that contribute to water conservation and environmental preservation.

The GRAF Ethos
At the core of GRAF UK's operations are five fundamental values that guide our actions and decisions:
  • Constant Improvement: GRAF UK are dedicated to continuous innovation, ensuring our products are at the forefront of water management technology.
  • Treat Others with Respect: Customer service is paramount, with GRAF UK striving to provide the level of service we ourselves would expect to receive.
  • Ownership and Quality: The company takes full responsibility for the quality and reliability of our products, reflecting their commitment to delivering excellence.
  • Problem Solving: GRAF UK thrives on finding solutions, partnering with clients to overcome challenges and create effective water management systems.
  • Enjoy the Journey: From the initial inquiry to installation, GRAF UK aims to make the customer journey as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

GRAF's Products and Systems
GRAF UK offers an extensive range of water management solutions to cater to various applications:

Rainwater Harvesting - GRAF's rainwater harvesting systems collect rainwater from roofs for reuse in tasks such as gardening, car washing, and toilet flushing, reducing reliance on mains water

Wastewater Treatment Systems - These systems, including septic tanks and sewage treatment plants, process blackwater from properties, ensuring it's treated and cleaned before re-entering

Storm Water Management -
GRAF's stormwater management solutions help prevent flooding by using underground holding tanks to store and gradually release surface water into drainage networks

Garden Products -
In addition to larger-scale solutions, GRAF UK offers a range of garden products like composters, water butts, and raised beds under their Garantia brand.

GRAF's Sustainability and Environmental Policies
We are committed to sustainability and minimizing environmental impact. We prioritize the use of 100% recycled plastics in our products wherever feasible. This dedication to using recycled materials aligns with our mission to have a positive impact on the environment.

What Sets GRAF Apart
GRAF UK's key differentiators lie in our commitment to innovation, customer service, and sustainability. We focus on providing education and solutions tailored to a wide array of customers, whether in the construction industry, self-building, or the retail sector. GRAF's dedication to improving water management practices sets us apart in the field.

Our Future
As we continue to expand and innovate, the future holds exciting prospects for GRAF. We are dedicated to maintaining our leadership in sustainable water management solutions. Expect to see more ground-breaking products, enhanced customer engagement through educational resources like GRAF TV seminars and webinars, and ongoing efforts to make the world a more sustainable place through water conservation. Our wide range of water management solutions, commitment to recycled materials, and focus on education make us a standout in the industry. As we look to the future, our dedication to improving water management practices promises a more sustainable world for all.