GETTING READY FOR WINTER | A helping hand for do's or don'ts in the coming months


As some of you may remember, earlier in the year we did a getting ready for summer blog.  Well, it it's only logical that we take a look at the other side of the coin as we get ready for winter.  And, with the nights closing in and the frost forcing us to grab that extra jumper before we leave the house, now is the perfect time to share our top tips and product recommendations for the coming season.

Do’s and Don'ts this Winter!

Don’t forget to drain your irrigation system.  As we all likely know, water tends to expand when it freezes and if water freezes inside your irrigation systems, it can split your pipes and cause a whole host of issues that are easily avoided.  So, removing as much water as possible from your pipework is vital to prevent any major damage.  Unfortunately, many manufacturers will not cover frost damage under warranties, so make sure you remember to do this, or you will end up having to buy a brand-new system for spring.

Do remember to take any tap timers in from the cold.  Unfortunately tap timers do not do very well in freezing conditions as they are not frost protected and if they freeze, they can break.  So, before it gets too cold, make sure you remove your timer from the outlet, empty it of water and store it in a dry place (indoors if possible).

Don’t forget to remove your tap splitters and any other additional fixtures that can trap water.  These smaller fixtures are often overlooked and left attached to taps over winter.  Whilst these faucet fixtures are unlikely to break, freezing temperatures can still cause ice blockages and other issues, so it always wise to store them somewhere dry and they can then be easily reattached come spring.

Do try to avoid light pollution as much as possible.  As the day’s grow shorter and the longer dark hours urge us indoors, it can be tempting to light up your garden up so you can spend more time outside.  However, there are a few reasons to reduce your light pollution during this season.  A practical one is that less lighting saves energy, and with living costs rising as they are, saving on your energy bills can only be a good thing.  Artificial lighting can also affect the natural cycles and behaviours of our flora and fauna, so it is good to keep lighting to a minimum when possible.  Use downlighters or fittings with glare guards as much as you can to combat any unnecessary light pollution.

Don’t forget to have your lighting scheme on a timer/dusk to dawn sensor.  This is another great way to save energy on your outdoor lighting systems, as you can set your lights manually to turn on only when you need them.  Or a sensor can do the work for you and only turn on when it gets dark enough to require illumination.

Do keep a couple of spare power supplies on hand.  It's always a smart idea to keep a few power supplies in various sizes and outputs in your personal stocks. You never know when you might need to return to a site you previously worked on and test the lighting system. Having a spare LED driver or transformer to hand can make this a lot simpler.  Keep your van stocked with a few emergency supplies this winter so that you are never caught off guard.


Recommendations for Winter

Claber Rain Sensor

Though you will need to store your irrigation systems away for the freezing months, as mentioned previously, it is still a good idea to get a rain sensor ready for when the spring weather starts to make an appearance.  This Claber Rain sensor is designed to connect to your tap timers, automatically suspending your irrigation system when it detects rainfall and when the water evaporates it will resume your pre-programmed settings.  It is something that should be used with every tap-based system that is installed, particularly in a country like the UK.  With the amount of rainfall that we so often get, it is important to make sure your irrigation system isn’t on whilst it is raining.

Dimmable/Controllable Pond Pumps

Controllable pond pumps are a must during the winter, as filtration requirements reduce dramatically during the colder months when algae struggles to grow.  Dimmable pumps allow the power consumption of the pump to be reduced, which will decrease the flow rate through the filter.  This is a great way to save energy which will save you money during the winter.  We have a range of controllable pumps available including the Evolution Aqua Varipumps, the Oase AquaMax w/ Smart Control, the Pontec PondoMax Controllable and the Blagdon Amphibious IG Controllable.

ConnentPro String Lights

The colder weather may be closing in, but this also means that Christmas is just around the corner and these string lights are the perfect addition to any Christmas display.  They feature LED bulbs, which are available in a selection of different colours and this set is connectable up to 950 metres so there are no limits to where these can be installed.

Coming this Winter Season

We are always working on expanding and developing our product line to include everything that our customers might need for their clients.  If you have any feedback or suggestions on products that you think should be included in our stock, please let us know and we will continue to work on expanding our selection beyond what we have now, including irrigation tank sizes, irrigation pump sizes, and more. Keep an eye on our social media accounts and our website's New Product section for updates as they become available.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to know more about anything in the above blog. Either call us on 01666 577 577 or email us on Good luck this Summer season and don't forget we're always here if you need us!

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