GETTING READY FOR SUMMER | A helping hand for do's or don'ts in the coming months


It seems like only yesterday that we were all crowded around the fireplace, trying to stay warm while winter nipped at our heels. Before we know it we'll be in the midst of spring and the days will be long and (ideally) warm!

We run into several contractors every year who have gotten themselves tangled up in work without being prepared for the challenges that a change in season can bring, therefore we hope our article can help you Get Ready for Summer!

Do's and Don'ts this Summer!

Do - Remember to remind customers to dig out their irrigation timers having taken them off during the cold periods. This is a great way to reconnect with customers and check in to see if their systems need any additional work or repairs made after the frost.
Don't -
Forget to stock up on all those little irrigation bits that you always need but never seem to have to hand, LDPE Joiners for any pipe that may have been damaged over the winter season. More often than not you can cut out the damaged pipe and use a joiner to fill the gap!

Do - Consider a Tank and Pump system! When installing irrigation on a project, think about using a Tank and Pump system! If running from a tap-based system isn't feasible due to pressure or distance, this can often be a lot simpler than you first anticipated, saving you time and result in the right system for your client.
Don't - Dismiss an app based system. In an ever changing world of technology your customers needs can sometime gear more towards app based system. We're constantly developing our range to give you an whole host of options just ask one of our team for a rundown on what's new or sign-up to our new product updates.

Do - Harvest rain water to save money on your irrigation system and Remember a stop valve on tank and pump systems to isolate irrigation for any maintenance is required.
Don't - Forget to increase pipe size on Irrigation systems running over longer distances.

Do - Get in touch! In a world that is becoming more digital it is often the case that in order to speak to an actual human requires going through an automated system. Not with us, just call 01666 577577 and you will get straight through to one of our team!
Don't - Forget to use the Design Support service, any irrigation plans that you’re unsure of or would like checking, just email them across to

Products for the Summer season!

Gardena Smart System

In 2016, Gardena released their 'smart system' to the public. This system is designed to make watering as easy as possible, while also giving the user endless options for precise irrigation where required. The Gardena smart system gateway is, in effect, the device that communicates with the individual controllers and sensors and relays this information to the mobile app using either a wired LAN connection (recommended) or through Wi-Fi. The technology allows you to sync many controllers to a single mobile app, allowing your customers to control the system from anywhere in the world. This app-based system also allows for precise adjustment, including the ability to designate which plant species are being watered in a specific section of the garden!

Get your Smart System here

Graf Packages

World renowned for their German reliability and quality, Graf are one of the fastest growing manufacturers of water management and rain water harvesting systems in the UK, all of which are manufactured using 100% recycled plastic to ensure long term sustainability and to minimise environmental impact. An excellent choice for irrigating considerably larger properties where a regular tank setup simply won't suffice!
These Graf Platin Garden Jet tank packages are designed for the underground storage of rainwater in large volumes up to a whopping 15,000 litres, and include all the kit necessary to easily supply the collected water to the garden where it can be used for watering during dry spells and times where water supply is in high demand.

Graf Garden Jet Packages
Unlike the Comfort package the Garden Jet package uses an above ground pump that is stored away when not in use, and is connected up to the tank lid connection point to draw water from the tank.

Find out more here!

Graf Garden Comfort Packages
The Garden Comfort package however is similar to our Divertron systems, a pressure activated pump that is submerged inside the tank, only turning on when it senses a drop in pressure due to a hose being connected to the connection points or valves being opened if connected to a fixed irrigation system.

Find out more here!

Essential Products this Season

Irrigation Pipe Punch (Key Punch)!

You can always guarantee you won't be able to find one when you need so stock up on some extras. Used to punch holes in main LDPE irrigation pipe allowing a quick and easy connection to 4mm micro irrigation pipe (and micro-porous) using a 4mm Joiner these are essential to any kit during the irrigation season.

Landscapeplus Pressure Gauge Kits!

This is, without doubt the most important piece of information to have when putting together an irrigation plan, because if we know the bar pressure, we can generally figure out what would work best in the future! We have put together this easy to use pressure gauge kit to help you accurately measure the water pressure from your outside tap. Simply screw the tap connector onto the outside tap, snap on the pressure gauge then slowly turn on the water supply to give you a reading in both BAR and PSI­­­­.

A Roll of pipe!

The winter months can reek havoc on your carefully planned out irrigation systems and occasionally pipe perishes or can become damaged by the odd careless customer with a shovel. Keep a roll of pipe on your van stock and you can use it to make quick on the spot fixes to damaged pipe. Team this up with a bag of spare Joiners and Ratchet Clamps and you should be able to fix any system on the fly!

MP Rotator Adjustment Tools

Essential to any Irrigation tool bag. The adjuster can be used to alter the MP Rotator heads to change the angle or distance the head throws the water.

Coming this Summer Season

Last year, we asked our consumers what they thought our product selection lacked, and we received a lot of positive feedback thanks in part to our Designer Support Service and from customers providing us feedback over the phone. As a result, we'll be working to expand our selection beyond what we have now, including irrigation tank sizes, irrigation pump sizes, and more. Keep an eye on our social media accounts and our website's New Product section for updates as they become available.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to know more about anything in the above blog. Either call us on 01666 577 577 or email us on Good luck this Summer season and don't forget we're always here if you need us!

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