LIVING GREEN WALLS | Platipus' unique planting solution ideal for small gardens


As many of you will be aware we recently launched a brand new product, a living green wall system, from the well known and widely respected Platipus.

Who are Platipus?

Since its founding back in 1982, Platipus have developed a reputation for making high quality, reliable and long lasting products. Originally focused on earth anchoring systems, the Platipus team have used their extensive knowledge to design and create their most exciting product to date; the Platipus G-WALL living green wall system.

What is a living green wall?

Living green walls are a really simple concept that can be boiled down into two words; vertical planting. The aim of a green wall system is to provide vertical pockets of soil in which plants can be placed, creating what looks like a wall of climbing and trailing plants.

Green walls can be installed in a huge variety of areas and spaces. They can be installed in small courtyards where there may be limited traditional planting space, installed as a standalone piece to add height and interest to a garden, or even installed against a house which provides extra insulation as a bonus feature!

The Platipus solution; G-WALL!

The Platipus G-WALL is the best design of any living green wall system that I have personally seen. It utilises a modular construction consisting of back plates, face plates and fixing spigots that can be put together on site easily with no tools except for a rubber mallet.

One of each component will construct a single 250mm x 250mm cell, which contains 4 pockets for planting in. These cells simply slot together to create a larger wall, and as they are modular they can be used to create unique shapes and sizes of green wall. The pockets created can even be irrigated thanks to the 13mm LDPE irrigation clips on each cell.

Where do Landscapeplus fit in?

We have chosen to hold stock of the G-WALL ready for next day delivery, sold in 1m² packs (16 cells, 64 pockets).

Not only are we offering the G-WALL itself, but also the irrigation that goes with it! If you know the final desired dimensions of your planned G-WALL, we are happy to help you plan the irrigation system that will be required. Again, we hold stock of all the necessary irrigation components required ready for next day delivery.

Fred Sales - Website & Product Development Manager

For more information on the G-WALL products, feel free to call us on 01666 577577 or send an email to and we can arrange either a Skype or Zoom sessions.