Oase ProfiClear Premium XL EGC Drum Filters - The UK's biggest install?


As the name suggests, the ProfiClear Premium XL EGC can filter even more water than the standard ProfiClear Premium range, thanks to the new internal drum which is twice the size of the previous model. These drum filters are self cleaning systems that require very little maintenance. With options for both gravity fed or pump fed systems, they can be installed both before or after the pond is constructed.

We recently supplied one of the pump fed XL drum systems to Arron of AB Aquatics Ltd with James North of Elite Aquatic UK helping with the installation. These two aquatic specialists, amongst others, met on the trip to Oase HQ in Germany which we organised for the start of the year. This isn't the first time that the companies we invited to Germany have helped each other or have passed on projects in their area, and we hope it it wont be the last! We are hoping to organise another similar trip to Germany as soon as we are safely able to do so.

With one drum, three moving bed modules and a discharge module, this installation was deemed Oase’s biggest domestic set up in the UK so far. When discussing the project it was fairly obvious this was going to be the best set-up. We could have specified the smaller ProfiClear Premium system on this project, but due to the filtration requirements it would've comprised banks and banks of drums. Thanks to the immense filtration capacity of the ProfiClear Premium XL drum filters, we could get away with just the one. This has not only saved space, time and money for Arron but will also reduce overall running costs for the customer due to the efficiency of the system.

Below are thoughts from Arron & James on how they got on with the install:

Arron Barclay BSC - AB Aquatics

- ab-aquatics.co.uk/

From the very start, dealing with Chris with the need for a large capacity filter system that will handle koi in nearly 250,000ltrs, he recommended the Oase Proficlear Premium XL drum system, which needed additional modules to get the capacity required, making it the largest residential filter system supplied by Oase for the UK market. Once on site the filter plumbs in very easily, almost just a plug and play situation, making it exceptionally user friendly. The operational requirements are no more complicated than any of the Oase drum filters, just on a larger scale. The side mounted UVs look the part and the whole design looks the part. With the system now running for a few months the water quality is what you would expect from a koi pond filter system, again these are beasts and are seconded by their ease of install.

James North - Elite Aquatics UK

We recently had the pleasure of supporting AB Aquatics installing the second ProfiClear Premium XL drum in the UK. At first glance at the XL drums you are impressed by the quality of engineering that has gone into these incredible products. The drum comes fully fitted so it’s just a case of connecting the drums to the moving bed modules and ensuring correct flow rates. Overall, the drums are extremely well designed, using high quality products in the manufacturing process. It’s a very efficient system, combining great filter capacity, low maintenance and realistic running costs. The Oase drums are well able to cope with the highest demands and we would certainly recommend them for installation in all large koi ponds or larger water courses. Thank you to Chris at Landscapeplus for having an extensive knowledge of the products they provide.

For more information or training on any of the Oase products, feel free to call us on 01666 577577 or send an email to chris@landscapeplus.com and we can arrange either a Skype or Zoom sessions.