Is it Time to Make the Switch?


You might have heard that halogen lighting is going to be phased out in the next few years and so everyone will need to switch across to LED lighting in gardens.

The great thing is that LED now provides everything you need from garden lighting - it is low heat, so no chance of a children burning themselves by touching a light, the lamps are guaranteed to last for 100,000 hours, the light is now the same warm light that you are used to and LED is quicker and easier to fit than halogen. However, if you’ve tried to buy LED in the past, you’ll probably have come across a chaotic mass of incompatible light fittings, confusing drivers and different power supplies – so how are you supposed to choose?

At Landscapeplus, we have stripped away all that complexity to provide you with exactly what you need, as a garden professional. It’s so simple that you only have to make one main decision before choosing your fittings.

Our LED system is quicker and easier to install than halogen, the fittings are all compatible and best of all our LED system is dimmable and with soft-start, is just that bit nicer than halogen.

So, what do you need to know?

The main thing you need to know is that you can have Standard Power zones and High Power zones and each have their own family of fittings. So, as long as you put Standard Power fittings onto the Standard Power zones and High Powered fittings onto the High Powered zones, you’ll have no problems.

Better still, within a garden you can have as many zones as you want, some with Standard Power and some with High Power and that’s absolutely fine as long as you put the right fittings on the right zones.

So to sum up, LED lighting is now the right choice for you, the garden professional, and with running costs 90% lower than halogen, your client is going to thank you every time. So, if you are ready to start using LED then call us at the office on 01666 577577 and we’ll talk you through it in detail.

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