It's all about Ponds


This week it’s all about Ponds!
The Landscapeplus team have been to The Aqua Show in Telford last week to look at new products
and Oase products launching in the coming months and as always we’re looking
forward to adding them to our growing range. The relationship with Oase for us
has never been stronger, with Pond products flying off the shelves we’ve
invested heavily this year and for the first time ever we’re going to be
holding the large Oase filters in stock, ready for next day delivery; this will
include the BioTec range & the exciting new drum filter systems.

We’re again going to be partnering with Oase
to run the hugely successful Oase Installer Scheme, kicking off this year in Leeds.
The Scheme has been a real springboard for us to help develop our
customers product and system knowledge and we’re sure it will continue to
thrive. We’ve also taken the opportunity to develop our in-house knowledge to
give you the best possible support with Chris taking the reins as our pond
expert, why not give him a call & discuss how he can support you with your
next aquatic project. Nothing is too small or too large for him to advise on.

We’re also teaming up with another trusted brand in the world of pond lining, Firestone!
Next week Paul will be in Sussex working alongside Andrew Cooper, Firestones Lining Sales Manager
giving a talk to an APL & SGD group all about pumps, construction techniques, liners, filters
and anything else pond related!