5 must have products for a dry spell


It's been an early spring this year and a very dry one at that, especially in the South East where we haven't had "proper" rain for a couple of months now.

So, to help you out, here 5 must-have products that will make your life a little easier during a dry spell.

Firstly, make sure you've got a good tap (or taps around the garden) and ensure they work properly and don't leak. If they do, swapping one for a new Double-check Bib Tap is a 5 minute job that makes a huge difference. Then fit a triple (or double) tap pack to give you multiple outlets and loads of options.
Triple-tap Pack
Double-check Bib Tap

To control an irrigation system or sprinkler automatically, install an irrigation control pack, with filter. It takes 15 minutes to fit and enables you to run the irrigation system overnight when the water pressure is at its best and evaporation is at its lowest. Once you've installed a triple tap (above) you can install up to two double (Duplo) control packs ie. 4 irrigation zones and a garden hose, from just one tap.
Claber Video-2 Plus Irrigation Control Pack
Claber Duplo Irrigation Control Pack

There are lots of ways of watering a garden but In-line drip pipe is one of the most efficient method for slowly applying water to plants. Simply peg the pipework to the surface of the soil and if you can, mulch over it to minimise evaporation, help the water move laterally across the soil and improve the aesthetics.
Duragarden In-line Drip Pipe Kits

Alternatively, for smaller spaces you could try installing a Total Irrigation system. Using several fixed head, MP Rotator sprinklers fixed around the perimeter of a courtyard or garden, you can quickly install an irrigation system that will water the whole area, just like rain.
Total Irrigation MPR Kits

If you're pushed for time or the budget is tight, don't overlook the benefits of a temporary irrigation kit that you can use to establish a lawn or buy you some time until you can get in and install a permanent irrigation system. Using a single, double or combination of tap timers (top of page) you can run one or more oscillating sprinkler or impact sprinkler on spikes or skids that will instantly deliver the water where it's needed and then, when you're ready to install the main system, you can re-use the tap timers and swap the hosepipe and temporary sprinklers for a more permanent solution.
Heavy-duty Impact Sprinkler on Sled Base Kits (with hose & trolley)
Claber Oscillating Sprinkler

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