10 products that'll help you build better gardens


There are loads of perhaps, lesser known, products out there that you can try that will either give your gardens a sharper finish or, will make the process of building your gardens just a bit easier for you.

So why not give them a try and see what you think...

  1. Flexible conduit with integral drawstring - No more fiddling around trying to insert a drawstring on site. Just roll it out, attach your electrical cables or irrigation pipe to the drawstring and pull it through.
    Twinwall flexible conduit

  2. ACO drainage - Whether it's HexDrain or RainDrain, ACO drainage is an essential part of every garden so login as a trade customer and see the fantastic prices at Landscapeplus.
    ACO drainage

  3. Magic Gel - Say goodbye to callouts after bad weather - Just make your electrical connections in a junction box, pour in the Magic Gel and boom, it's 100% waterproof.
    Magic Gel

  4. Landscapeplus power supplies for LED lights - The only, fully potted, IP68, 100% waterproof LED drivers on the market and guaranteed for 5 years too so if you're investing in LED lights, make sure the drivers are potted.
    Landscapeplus LED drivers

  5. Irrigation control packs - An irrigation water timer on it's own is ok, but for a professional job, use a control pack with a proper wall-mounted filter to connect up your watering system.
    Claber control pack

  6. Plumb your garden - Every garden needs water so why not plumb your garden during the first fix so you can ensure there are stop taps and irrigation supplies where you need them, when you need them.
    Plumb your garden kit
  7. Pond transitions - If you need to take cables or pipework into a pond, below the waterline, then this is the bit of kit that will enable you to do that and it won't let you down, you can be sure of that.
    Oase Tradux pond transition
  8. Pond skimmers - If you've gone to the trouble of building a pond, don't skimp - skim. We've a choice of skimmers for different types of pond, but they're all great at removing dirt, leaves and pollution from the surface of the water.
    Oase Swimskim pond skimmer
  9. Gripple tree anchor - For quick, invisible underground guying of root-balled and containerised stock, Gripple tree anchors is the smart way safely secure your trees and large shrubs.
    Gripple tree anchor kit
  10. Rite-Edge lawn edging - For a really sharp finish to lawn edges or paths, you need Rite-Edge. Strong, easy to handle and flexible it's the right product for the landscape professional - plus it comes with a 25 year life expectancy too.
    Rite-Edge lawn edging

...and don't forget the Essentials for a happy site such as line marker, rubble bags, gloves, flex tubs, tarpaulins and so much more besides.

Lastly, don't forget that Landscapeplus.com is TRADE ONLY
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