Light Symphony Signal Repeaters with Beam Sensors

The Light Symphony signal repeater and beam sensor can perform two separate functions. The first is to wirelessly trigger the lighting when the invisible beam is broken and it is cleverly designed so that it does not over-ride the user’s control. Adjustable from 1-15 minutes, the optical range between the sensors is 2-12 metres and a built-in dusk sensor prevents your lights from being triggered during the day. The second is to echo commands received from any Light Symphony wireless transmitter and extend the range by an additional 1km. A maximum of four signal repeaters can be used together to extend the range up to a massive 5km but only a maximum of two sets of beam sensors can be wired to a single signal repeater.

Dimensions: signal repeater width 225mm, depth 85mm, height 185mm; beam sensor width 50mm, height 75mm (approx).
Light Symphony signal repeater with beam sensor
Product Code: RML7040
RRP: £216.00
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Light Symphony beam sensor - without signal repeater
Product Code: RML9040
RRP: £65.00
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