Plug & Play Remote Control

This Plug & Play remote control from Techmar provides the easy method of controlling your garden lighting system and eliminates the need to run switch cables back to the house. With a range of up to 40m, it is easy to fit, with each receiver simply connecting in-line into the circuit that you want to switch using the ready-moulded ‘Plug & Play’ screw connectors. With the addition of an extra receiver unit, each handset can control up to nine different circuits, with a maximum of 150w on each line, and offers very good value for money.
Plug & Play remote control set
Product Code: LGM9120
RRP: £48.13
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Plug & Play remote control extra receiver unit
Product Code: LGM9140
RRP: £25.87
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Plug & Play dusk sensor and timer unit
Product Code: LGM9090
With one low-voltage outlet; maximum 150w
RRP: £25.47
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