Techmar Callisto Hanging Lights - brown

The Callisto garden wall light is finished in a rusty brown, making it perfectly suited to established gardens. The light also has a matching post light which is great for anyone looking to theme their garden lighting. These wall lights create a circular (or semi-circular) wash of soft light to illuminate steps and pathways, ensuring a safer route through the garden. All come complete with a lamp or LED unit; cable length 3m.


Cable Length 3m
Guarantee 3 Years
IP Rating IP44
Light Output Plug & Play LED (12v)
Lumen Output 90 lm
Material/Colour Aluminium
Material/Colour Brown
Type of Light Wall Light
Techmar Callisto hanging light - brown - 12v - 1w - 12 w/white LED cylinder
Product Code: LGM6520
RRP: £38.05
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