Graf Platin Garden Comfort Packages With Integra INOX Pumps (pedestrian loading)

World renowned for their German reliability and quality, Graf are one of the fastest growing manufacturers of water management and rain water harvesting systems in the UK, all of which are manufactured using 100% recycled plastic to ensure long term sustainability and to minimise environmental impact.

These Graf Platin Garden Comfort tank packages are designed for the underground storage of rainwater in large volumes up to a whopping 15,000 litres, and include all the kit necessary to easily supply the collected water to the garden or irrigation system where it can be used for watering during dry spells and times where water supply is in high demand.

The Graf Platin Garden Comfort packages contain:

  • Graf Platin flat tank, with options available ranging from a volume of 1,500 litres up to a whopping 15,000 litres. These tanks are designed to be installed at a far shallower depth than most other underground water storage options and have very low weight considering their volume, reducing the time and effort required during excavation and installation. Thanks to their high quality construction these tanks are covered under warranty for an impressive 15 years.
  • Green mini telescopic dome shaft with lid, suitable for pedestrian loading. The telescopic shaft can be easily adjusted between a height of 455mm up to 655mm to suit the depth of installation. A cast iron lid suitable for vehicle loading can be quoted upon request, please get in touch for more details.
  • Graf Platin tank filter package 2 which includes a hanging strainer basket (DN100 inlet size) with and suspension bar, an overflow siphon and rodent guard.
  • Two surface mounted hose connection points for rainwater extraction, including all required connectors, pipe and fittings. One connection point is designed for mounting in the lid of the tank, while the other is designed to be installed externally in a convenient spot in the garden (although the distance is limited by the provided 12.5m length of hose).
  • Integra INOX automatic pump with a floating intake and 10m of power cable. This pump is designed to be submerged permanently in the rainwater harvesting tank to feed either the aforementioned internal/external connection points, or an irrigation system. If used to feed a solenoid irrigation system then we recommend a minimum pipe size of 25mm is used throughout as to not restrict the systems flow rate.
We also offer the Graf Platin Garden Jet packages which include a surface mounted pump for feeding temporary irrigation systems such as impact sprinklers, instead of the Garden Comfort pump which can only be used in a submerged application.

Despite their size, we are pleased to offer no additional delivery charge as standard on both the Graf Garden Jet and Garden Comfort packages (across England and Wales), although premium deliveries are available at extra cost as required. Feel free to call the office on 01666 577577 for more information or for an estimated lead time.
Graf Platin Garden Comfort - flat tank - 1500 litre (pedestrian loading)
Product Code: RNT1730
Dimensions: Volume 1500L; Length 2100mm; Width 1250mm; Height 1015mm; Weight 82kg
RRP: £1,343.25
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Graf Platin Garden Comfort - flat tank - 3000 litre (pedestrian loading)
Product Code: RNT1740
Dimensions: Volume 3000L; Length 2450mm; Width 2100mm; Height 1050mm; Weight 180kg
RRP: £1,630.05
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Graf Platin Garden Comfort - flat tank - 5000 litre (pedestrian loading)
Product Code: RNT1750
Dimensions: Volume 5000L; Length 2890mm; Width 2300mm; Height 1315mm; Weight 250kg
RRP: £1,936.19
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Graf Platin Garden Comfort - flat tank - 7500 litre (pedestrian loading)
Product Code: RNT1760
Dimensions: Volume 7500L; Length 3600mm; Width 2250mm; Height 1565mm; Weight 360kg
RRP: £2,407.69
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Graf Platin Garden Comfort - flat tank - 10000 litre (pedestrian loading)
Product Code: RNT1770
Dimensions: Volume 10000L; Length 4900mm; Width 2250mm; Height 1910mm; Weight 460kg
RRP: £5,144.43
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Graf Platin Garden Comfort - flat tank - 15000 litre (pedestrian loading)
Product Code: RNT1780
Dimensions: Volume 15000L; Length 7500mm; Width 2250mm; Height 1910mm; Weight 710kg
RRP: £6,211.70
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